May 23, 2022

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To see | Declared anti-capitalist demonstration illegal in Montreal

To see |  Declared anti-capitalist demonstration illegal in Montreal

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Saturday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

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Organized by the Convergence of Capitalist Struggles (CLIC), the rally took place in the Gary-Carter and Saint-Laurent corner of the Jerry Park sector.

A smaller crowd marched through the streets at 5pm than any other event of the day.

However, twenty minutes after the demonstration, the police declared it illegal, while several minor misdemeanors took place.

“There are warning signs like journalists refusing to communicate when asked questions,” [quand] Police are trying to talk to protesters, “said Mario Bernick, now retired Certo du Quebec (SQ) captain.

The altercation with the motorist was also taken over by a TVA helicopter.

So, the irritant gas thrown by the police at the rally, the demonstrators were dispersed under pressure, using a strategy called the bridge, protesters safe places, such as parks and nearby shops or businesses that do not happen to operate indoors. Damage may occur.

“Once people are dispersed, the goal is to break the nucleus so that they can leave their cars. You have to work in a group to avoid being surrounded. The goal is to end the verbal announcement to the audience,” Mario Bernick recalled.

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“People are all dressed in black. They’m dressed accordingly. They’m hard to spot and he’s getting ready to punch. As soon as the group is dispersed, they go left and right.

The CLAC called for a more comprehensive economic recovery, arguing in its press release that “the economic restructuring project is fraught with inequalities and a technological universe based on dirty capitalist exploitation.”

“It’s not [la relance] It does not target artists and other people who do not make enough profit to survive, ”it states on their site.

Two other protests are taking place in Montreal on Saturday, the first against sanitation measures at the Olympic Stadium and the second due to International Labor Day.