May 23, 2022

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Ballasting at Seahawks | Quebec Journal

Ballasting at Seahawks |  Quebec Journal

No Canadian university season, no Pro Day, no East-West shrine to display, but no problem! Pierre-Oliver’s quest to reach the NFL was not a pandemic to stop Lestage, but an opportunity he got through a contract as a free agent with the Seattle Seahawks.

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Carabins’ guard of the University of Montreal was hired at the end of the NFL draft early yesterday morning, which, despite many obstacles, has lost good visibility with American recruiters.

“I feel great. It was a big weight coming from my shoulders. It’s a relief and I can now continue to work on my dream of an NFL, “the Saint-Con-Eustach player responded via videoconference.

“There were many times when I was in doubt. Every time the pandemic hit me, I was not discouraged because I caught my dream, but there were difficult times, ”he admitted.

Great pride

However, Lestage became the third player to enter the NFL in Carabins program history.

Last season, defensive back Mark-Antoine Dikwoy signed a free agent contract with Green Bay Packers before being initially released at training camp. In 2014, blockbuster David Foucault got a job with the Carolina Panthers, with whom he played until August 2016.

“This is positive news for everyone in a very difficult year. PO worked very hard to give this opportunity. He has shown that it is possible to play your football in Quebec and get a chance to play in the best football leagues in the world, ”said Carabins head coach Marco Ideluka.

Very interested

Throughout the process, about fifteen teams showed interest in him. At the end of the draft, seven of them contacted his agent Sasha Guami.

“I feel good Concept With Seahawks. This is the team that has shown the most interest so far. This is cool Fits From the beginning and they started with the beginning. I was able to talk to their recruiters and some of their coaches. Pete Carroll, too [entraîneur-chef] Called me, ”Lestage said, adding that he also learned the basics of center position if he wanted to change his new team positions.

The next will be a regular physical exam on May 12 in Seattle, after which the rookie camp should begin.

“I have a great opportunity to earn my place. I’m going to show them what kind of person I am, a football player and a worker.”

Labeled with Cardinals

Later that evening, the Montreal Tight End Bruno label became the third Cuban to receive an NFL opportunity this week, having also hired the Arizona Cardinals’ free agent.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to talk to someone who has defended the colors of the University of Cincinnati Bearcoats in five seasons.

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