April 1, 2023

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Despite the increase in cases, Eastern townships can still escape the Red Zone

Despite the increase in cases, Eastern townships can still escape the Red Zone

In the last seven days, 328 people tested positive for COVID-19, six more than the week before.

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The curve seems to have reached a plateau in Estre.

Photo: Radio-Canada

With the cases I see today, this is a good sign, we are not growing. Currently, we are in serious discussions with the Ministry to see everything put on the table to control our cases and it may take a few days to see the effects., Explains Alain Poyer.

Since we have been living in red for almost a month, what we are doing is a sign that it is working, but not enough to cross

A quote from:Alain Poyer, Director of Public Health at Estre

Since the beginning of April, the region seems to have reached a plateau depending on the number of new infections. The area registered an average of 46 new cases per day last week, which means that Eastern townships have less than the 50 daily cases bar. This is an important criterion in determining whether the area goes into the red zone.

Vaccinations slow down a little

Last week, Estri vaccinated 23,804 people, 10,000 less than the previous week.

The vaccine curve shows a slight dip.

Vaccinations have slowed down a bit in the past week in Estre.

Photo: Radio-Canada

We have not yet vaccinated as many people as we think will interfere with transmission in any meaningful way, Recalled Alain Poyer.

In the area, another 320,000 citizens are waiting for their first dose. The pace needs to be accelerated to vaccinate these individuals before the end of June.

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Granite RCM is still under surveillance

MRC du Granite has the highest number of new cases, It continues to be concerned about public health.

On Saturday, 28 additional infections were added to the field and 14 new cases were reported on Sunday.

According to Public Health Director Alain Poyer, population fatigue is the source of the increase in these cases.

Our community managers are on the field, meet people, find out if there are groups of people who are more persuasive than others, if there are activities that need to be monitored and remember remedial messages, Emphasizes the align poet.

However, he is happy to have more than 80 people go to the screening center on Saturdays, although the service is offered 7 days a week for three weeks.