March 24, 2023

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Decryption | Rudy Giuliani’s Loop

Decryption |  Rudy Giuliani's Loop

(New York) In 1989, Lou Reid, the well-known founder of the Velvet Underground Group, made a strong comeback with his new solo album, New York, The state of the art of his city. Among his goals: Donald Trump and Rudolf Giuliani.

Richard HatuRichard Hatu
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In a verse in the song Illness, Trump dies of mumps at Mount Sinai Hospital and Giuliani goes under the wheels of a car driven by a Wall Street insider. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind what Rocker thinks about the real estate developer and the federal prosecutor for New York’s Southern District (SDNY).

Thirty-two years later, we can reminisce about the joy the late Lou Reid took to watch the news on TV last week. Illness. Some former New York federal prosecutors may also have experienced it in their hearts. Because Rudolf Giuliani, Rudy says, in a way, got the full circle.

Before we go any further, a reminder: last Wednesday at 6am, FBI agents executed a search warrant on Rudolf Giuliani’s home and office and seized several electronic devices. They are acting as part of an investigation launched by SDNY’s Federal Prosecutor’s Office in 2020, the same Rudy led from 1983 to 1989.

Photo by Andrew Kelly, Reuters

New York police officers come out of the Manhattan building where Rudy Giuliani lives last Wednesday, the day federal agents searched his home and office.

Donald Trump’s personal lawyer is also trying to investigate whether Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs are working on behalf of him in an attempt to oust U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Maria Yovonovich. This led to the fight against corruption that alienated many influential Ukrainians. In particular, she refused to grant a visa to former Ukrainian Attorney General Viktor Shokin, who promised Rudolf Giuliani information that could harm Joe Biden.

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Rudolf Giuliani has vowed that all his dealings in Ukraine have the same goal: to serve the interests of his client Donald Trump. We have to see if he is confident in him.

Abuse of power

At this point, the affair brings back to the table the eternal question: the man who embodied the public order at the head of New York, the man who was baptized “mayor of America” ​​after the September 11, 2001 attacks, did it fall so low?

The point is, fame never stood for Rudolf Giuliani’s atrocities. Lou Reid was not the only one to have a low opinion of Rudy during his tenure as head of SDNY’s federal prosecutor’s office, one of the most prestigious positions in the U.S. Department of Justice.

In 1986, Conservative columnist New York Times William Sapphire has already been accused of abusing his power by setting up media leaks to force witnesses to cooperate. And he blamed his superiors for not controlling “this man who was willing to do anything for the campaign.”

In 2008, 25 New York-area federal prosecutors, many of whom served in SDNY’s federal prosecutor’s office, went further in the open letter. They blatantly accused Rudy of being an illegal practitioner, i.e. media leakage of information obtained before a great jury. They criticized the then-presidential candidate for “displaying a growing and sometimes severely inaccurate picture of his achievements as federal prosecutor.”

“Major prosecutions against the organized crime he claims to be behind were actually developed by the FBI, most of them during his ancestry. [Securities and Exchange Commission], Based on information provided by the brokerage firm. Under Giuliani, exceptional high-profile cases began with a skill that was skillfully manipulated, but ended with dismissals, acquittals or turnovers. ”

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“Rudy is an idiot”

After the 2019 Ukrainian affair and the 2020 election soap opera, many Americans now share the opinion of Lou Reid and several former federal prosecutors about Donald Trump’s second personal lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani, who was the subject of a search warrant.

First, Michael Cohen is now serving a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence under house arrest. According to him, the investigation into Rudy is beyond the framework of the Ukrainian case. “We do not know how far this investigation will go […] Because Rudy is an idiot. And that’s the problem, he told CNN. Rudy drinks heavily, and Rudy behaves unrealistically in a way that no one knows what is on his phones or on his computers. ”

Michael Cohen’s credibility is not foolproof. But his view on the verdict of Rudolf Giuliani does not seem to contradict the facts.

The investigation into Rudolf Giuliani came from a relationship with two businessmen from the former USSR, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who assisted him in his efforts to secure the removal of Ambassador Yovonovich.

Rudy admitted to receiving 000 500,000 from a company of which Parnas, a native American Ukrainian, is the CEO, and this is called a హామీ fraud guarantee. Parnassus and Froman were indicted in New York in October 2019 for concealing a foreign source of donations to the U.S. election campaign, including 5,000 325,000 for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

In a 1986 article on Rudolf Giuliani, William Sapphire wrote, “Corruption is not so much in New York as it is in men who make their feet greasy like high-profile men.” Lou Reed did not say or sing well.

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