July 6, 2022

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Hochela expelled the camps | Tap

Hochela expelled the camps |  Tap

Calm and gentle, the evacuation of twenty homeless people settled on Steinberg land in the woods of the Quebec Ministry of Transport in the Hochelaga-Mysonnev district of Montreal began Monday afternoon.

Isabel AtaliotaIsabel Ataliota

Agents of the Montreal Police Department Intervention Group were asked to go one by one to search their property on Hochelaga Street, the land adjacent to the trees Steinberg. To avoid losing them when the police intervened, many of the owners in the camp moved their tents and their personal influences there. However, they were shocked to see the police intervening there.

Campers are encouraged to keep their belongings in containers. A garbage truck is also on site.

Photo by Patrick Sanfon, Press

On Saturday, MTQ issued an exit notice to the camps. The notice, entitled “Enjux Safety Thirsts”, contained a letterhead of Transport Quebec, but did not include a date or signature.

After inspecting the premises, on April 26, the Montreal Fire Department gave MTQ a report indicating that “there is a serious fire risk and that action must be taken quickly,” a door-to-door ministry spokeswoman, Sarah Bensadown.

Photo by Patrick Sanfon, Press

“Those at the scene should leave fresh on Monday, if there is any material left it will be demolished,” Mr said.To me Benzdown.

Louis Rowlard, who has been in camp for two weeks, said, “I moved my trailer to another site.

Photo by Patrick Sanfon, Press

Alexandra Larami also prevented her tent from being broken into during a police operation.

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“They’re going to move the issue elsewhere. We’ll find ourselves elsewhere and we’re going to play cat and mouse with the authorities all summer,” says Gailine Levassier, who acts as camp coordinator.

Photo by Patrick Sanfon, Press

Michelle Monet, general manager of Care, an organization that supports the camps, said there was “serious disagreement over the demolition of the camp.”

“If the camps decide to leave, we will go with them, but if they decide to stay, we will stay with them and work with them,” he told a group of campers and supporters. “We are here to protect their homes.”

Photo by Patrick Sanfon, Press

“We can not tolerate the presence of organized camps in the territory of the city of Montreal,” said Nathalie Gaulet, head of roaming on the executive committee, at a press conference set up shortly after the opening.

“But we really want people to be supportive,” she said, assuring that over the past few days, representatives of social services and community organizations have gone to the site to support those in the camp.

Photo by Patrick Sanfon, Press

“We can assure you that every person has the opportunity to provide transition services for accommodation, a warm bed, food and housing this evening. ”

For writer Mary Loroque, who lives in the camp, the solutions proposed by the city are not satisfactory. “We don’t like going to your shelters, we just want to be together,” she said. In the shelters, we were separated. We have young people who leave the DPJ and find themselves directly on the street, we take care of them. ”

Photo by Patrick Sanfon, Press

Two representatives of the ensemble Montreal Party, which forms the opposition to City Hall, also arrived at the scene, alleging that Valerie Plante’s administration had neglected the homeless file.

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“We are reviving what happened last year with the Rue Notre-Dame camp. We will meet here a year later and we are still in a state of emergency. We are asking for permanent solutions,” lamented Councilor Karen Bovin-Roy. -Mysonnev will run for mayor.

OmTo me Bovin-Roy recalled the solution Mr. Coder put forward to deal with the homeless: converting hotels into rooming houses to accommodate the homeless.