March 21, 2023

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Legalt said there was no massive immigration to fill the labor shortage

Legalt said there was no massive immigration to fill the labor shortage

I am an immigrant earning less than 56,000 every time I come home [dollars], I am exacerbating my problem. Every time I give back an immigrant earning more than 56,000, I improve my situation, He continued.

It is important that we tell each other real things.

A quote from:Premier Franకోois Legalt on the Quebec Employers’ Council

The Quebec Premier made these remarks during the Virtual General Assembly of CPQ. Media access was restricted, but one source leaked a recording of the conversation to Radio-Canada, which lasted about 45 minutes.

Participants in this meeting were shocked to hear the arguments of Franకోois Legalt and were told that this message was badly perceived by the business world.

Unfortunately we must dispel a myth that persists in government: not migrant workers Cheap labor. Should not be associated with immigration Cheap labor. This is not true. This is a non-existent myth, Said Carl Blackburn, president of Concile du Patron, in an interview with Radio-Canada.

If we bring in migrant workers, it would be wrong to say that we are impoverishing Quebec.

A quote from:Carl Blackburn, President of the Quebec Employers’ Council

More immigrants in Information technology

Franకోois Legalt targeted the field Information technology. We are good people, we are less than people, He argues, pointing Work on a plan that will add 10 000 [immigrants] The following year, in addition to all those who left school.

The Prime Minister’s Office, which called to clarify the remarks, confirmed the intention. The Prime Minister has already publicly stated that in our economy, where the labor shortage is even better, there are information technology sectors in particular. […] We make announcements at scheduled times, Explains Franన్ois Legalt spokesman Evan Sawes Next plan Immigration restrictions.

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Serious average wage problem, Says Legalt

Labor shortage, Who was before the epidemic and who is coming back now, According to Franకోois Legalt, and the arrival of immigration to meet these needs is one of the strongest aspects of this intervention.

Of the 140,000 jobs available, Are 30,000 more than the average salary And Less than 110,000 average wages, Mentioned about Chef Coquist, a Conflict On this last point.

I understand, I’m in business. I want to have these people. My priority is to increase the average salary in Quebec, He insisted Have difficulty With Jobs for $ 15, $ 20 per hour, Handed over to immigrants.

He urged companies to review their pay policies. We cannot say ourselves as a society [qu’]We are satisfied with low paid jobsHe said without mentioning the minimum wage hike.

We have a serious problem with the average salary in Quebec. We are not going to do this to make it worse.

A quote from:Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt

He also unveiled the talks Personally With business owners who [lui] They say they have no employees.

My next question is whether they are employees for $ 15 an hour or $ 30 an hour. If it’s $ 15 an hour employees, unfortunately I can do nothing, He admitted Flexibility For , Salaries 000 56,000 and above.

In this case, he promised, I’m going to see Jean Boulette Nadine [Girault] And we will find a solution to find these workers as soon as possible.

On several occasions, Franకోois Legalt spoke of this average salary. During the last election campaign,He promised Reduce the gap with Ontario. Since his election, We are moving in the right direction, He assured.

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The Priority His government will therefore replace the highest-paying vacancies. The order I gave to Nadine [Girault, ministre de l’Immigration] Then to Jean Boulette [ministre du Travail], I.e.: 30,000 we lose, which is a sin. You do everything, whether it’s immigration or training, it fills up as quickly as possible.

The business community is in despair

The requirements are real and we cannot solve them without going through immigration, In support, Carl Blackburn, he does not reduce his words.

When we talk about taking jobs at 56,000 jobs it is not interesting, it is not how it works.

A quote from:Carl Blackburn, President of the Quebec Employers’ Council

When you create a job in the health or education sector, the starting salary is less than 000 56,000 per year. Are we impoverishing Quebec by creating new jobs in education? Nope, For whom the CPQ announces the president Immigration is a key to the success of economic recovery.

My challenge with employers is to show the Prime Minister and the government that a large number of skilled and skilled workers cannot be left out of hand, because they have migrated., Continues the former deputy and former director of the Liberal Party of Quebec.

Mr. Legalt did not handle the “myth”. It’s time to focus on immigration to Quebec.

A quote from:Evan Sawes, spokesman for Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt

According to Franకోois Legalt Cabinet, contacted by Radio-Canada, Immigration Not alone Solution To meet labor needs. It also includes training and retraining to target specific areas affected by the recent months of crisis., The Prime Minister’s spokesman Ivan Savs wrote in an email.

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Government, he adds to a vision We need immigration that meets our financial needs and contributes to the post-COVID recovery that has already begun.

Fewer refugees in Quebec?

In his speech, Franయిois Legalt also confirmed his intent Increase the economic migration ratio. This is 60% of the number of permanent residents joining Quebec each year.

This is not unique to Quebec. They have the same challenges and they ask the same questions in France and in many countries, He assured before provoking his desire to review Quebec’s responsibilities regarding the reception of refugees.

Will the federal government allow us to focus on economic migration? […] Every time we give back a financial immigrant, if the federal government forces us to give back a refugee or family reunification, we will have trouble finding the right people.

A quote from:Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt

Currently, according to an agreement between Quebec and Ottawa, the only immigration category completely controlled by the Quebec government is economic immigration. Ottawa hosts refugee class and family reunification.

Quebec will continue to be a welcoming land and will do its part in the area of ​​humanitarian migration, Wanted to clarify the office of Franయిois Legalt.

According to the 2021 immigration plan, Quebec plans to admit 6,900 and 7,500 refugees.