May 20, 2022

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Morpier still has a long way to go for Morin

Morpier still has a long way to go for Morin

Morpier Morin’s visit to Tout Le Monde en Parle on Sunday divided the Quebec people and brought to the screen the question of a second chance.

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Three experts spoke on the subject.

Christian Tetralt, author of several books on silence, has no choice but to publicly acknowledge his use of Morpheus Morin. “In an attempt to end these storms on social media, she went into public space and said, ‘I’m here, that’s what’s happening to me.’

For crisis management expert Victor Henriquez, the return of Morpheus Morin to the open is inevitable. He explained that the response on social media proves it. “He’s a salesman and people are responsive,” the specialist said.

Finally, producer and former artist agent Johnny Duquette recalls that Maripier Morin became famous on the reality TV show, where she was not widely appreciated by the public and that she has built an image ever since. “Now, who is Maripier Morin?” That’s what we’re going to find out, “said Duquette.

Listen to the full section of the Denise Lowesque show.

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