March 31, 2023

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Most of the Quebeckers will benefit from the tax refund for 2020

Most of the Quebeckers will benefit from the tax refund for 2020

Many Quebeckers did not wait to complete their tax return this year and 56% of them paid the process, which they were able to benefit from by withdrawing the revenue from Quebec.

In contrast, almost 37% of citizens who submit their file find themselves out of balance, Reve Quebec said in a press release Monday.

The number of declarations received by the Provincial Agency has also increased slightly, with 92% being sent compared to 90% of the deadline for submission of documents last year.

“These results demonstrate the importance of online services for Quebeckers, especially in the exceptional health context we are currently experiencing,” said Rev. Quebec, urging consumers to use electronic services to promote interaction.

“The goal of Revenue Quebec is to send a refund or double notice of the assessment by mail, that is, within 14 days,” the Revenue Agency said.

For those who have not yet started the process, keep in mind that no penalty or interest will be levied by May 31, as announced by the Finance Minister on April 31.

After this date, Rev. Quebec stated that a penalty of 5% on the unpaid balance and an additional penalty of 1% per month for the delay may apply.

Individuals and their spouses who declare business income have until June 15 for their declaration.

For Kubeckers who have received assistance benefits for COVID-19 and have earned taxable income of less than 000 75,000, interest on their tax balance for the year 2020 will not apply.

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