June 26, 2022

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Portuguese Grand Prix: An Unforgettable Race

Portuguese Grand Prix: An Unforgettable Race

This Portuguese Grand Prix was not fertile for the two single-seaters on the Aston Martin team, which were limited to a Sunday doll role.

Lance Stroll (14th row) or Sebastian Vettel (13th row) did not collect any points. Earlier, two teammates gave the lap to winner Lewis Hamilton.

“This is not our best day,” the Quebec driver admitted, adding that he was disappointed the day before qualifying after setting only the 17th fastest time. We were a little stronger in the race position, but it wasn’t enough. “

Vettel, for his part, will have a little satisfaction in finally beating Stroll, thank you, it must be accepted, for team instructions.

But, for Aston Martin, the race confirms that the team is in a clear decline.

With ten laps to go, Vettel could not stay in Antonio Giovinazzi’s Alfa Romeo scenes. Almost pathetic.

What you need to remember

Statistics … eloquently

Louis Hamilton, the winner of the Portuguese Grand Prix, has once again demonstrated that he is still the owner of the F1, despite growing threats from Max Verstappen and finishing second behind his Red Bull wheel.

Britain, seeking the eighth title in the discipline-queen of a sport that no other driver in history has achieved, continues to rewrite the record book of uniqueness.

Since joining Mercedes in 2013, Hamilton has scored 150 points in his 159 starts. Another eloquent statistic: The Portuguese Grand Prix marks the 123rd round, eventually leading to World Championship Standings.

Mobile barrier

Nikita Majepin, who owes her father’s luck to her arrival at F1 this year, has not broken any of the lower classes. But hey, we agree that he has no special right in life alone.

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His start in F1 was a disaster. In Portugal, he finished 19th and was the last driver to reach the finish line, while Haas gave his teammate Mick Schumacher more than a minute.

On Lap 46, Mazepin ignored the blue flags, although he said he would give way to the leader of the tribe, Sergio Perez.

Angered, the Mexican, for no apparent reason, called his young rival an idiot, eventually trying to turn him around. Mezapin chicken in circuits … is like mobile. His 5 second penalty is fully deserving of this disrespectful behavior.

“Where are the flags?”

Speaking of signaling, he wondered on the radio waves why the marshals did not display the same blue flags when Perez crossed Lap 51 to take the lead at the Portuguese Grand Prix.

“Where are the flags?” Britain asked. His team quickly realized that the Red Bull driver was the leader in the race!