July 5, 2022

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William skips Lonou!

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Luno pumpkin is my favorite Star Academy 2021. However, in the grand final on Sunday night his colleague William Cloutier had to admit he was the best Star AC At TVA, he won 5,000 125,000 prize pool.

Hugo DumasHugo Dumas

Two 25-year-old finalists drew Celine Dion’s concerts in an attempt to win the crown. Lunau chose They love it, From the album Theirs, A room that did not serve her well. William solved And I still love you Of the disk 1 girl and 4 boys And that is awesome.

According to director Laura Fabian, the popular vote was dense and very close. It was interesting to know the percentage obtained by the two competitors.

Photo É Rick Myer and Bertrand Exertier, Wyatt Publications

William Cloutier was crowned the winner Star Academy 2021.

William Cloutier, originally from Victoriaville, grew up almost in front of television cameras. He participated The big leagues At TVA, in the third season Mixmania In Vrak, along with chronicleing the last show Fan community, Is still in Wroclaw.

This feature was featured on the TV set of Star Academy. William knows where to look and how to rotate in front of the camera. Eventually, this perception of William’s image caused him to lose the abrupt and authentic side of a lunou, for example. However, William did not steal his great champion title. He is already pro, in a very active tremo in his voice.

Photo É Rick Myer and Bertrand Exertier, Wyatt Publications

William Cloutier

The last and only woman to win Star Academy Stephanie Lapoint remains in 2004. The other winners were all men: Wilfred Le Boutillier (2003), Mark-Andre Fortin (2005), Maxim Laundry (2009) and Jean-Marc Koucher (2012).

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It is clear from the Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu that Lunau would continue his career in pumpkin music. She is so lovely and so cool, it must be said. Theory: The fact that she is the daughter of Lose Default may have played a bad trick on Lunou. Why put a young singer who already has two feet on top of the famous mother at the Quebec Showbiz?

Photo É Rick Myer and Bertrand Exertier, Wyatt Publications

Lunou Pumpkin

In contrast, William’s family history, including the birth of his second son, did not interfere with his election, it is clear. They are beautiful to look at, Lunou and William, in the nostalgic number they have built together.

We need to talk about Laura Fabian again. The relationship between the Quebec people and Laura is never clear. The Canadian-Belgian singer, who lived in the shadow of her rival Celine Dion, left Quebec for many years to see the love of her fans.

With Star Academy, The connection of the heart between Laura Fabian and the Quebeckers has been re-established, more than Vani. In episodes of The Daily, Laura is kind, funny, generous, relevant and charming. It was so beautiful to see her talk about “little hearts”.

Without taking anything away from the talents of her colleagues Arian Moffot and Gregory Charles, the most shining of the faculty is director Laura Fabian. Soon, that Laura will sign her contract next year!

For following all issues of Star Academy Since 2003, I have been frustrated about large-scale variation numbers by director Jean Lamourex during Julie Snyder. With the exception of Mika’s attendance, we have never seen anything so thrilling this winter.

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The Sunday gala took several weeks to take place, which, unlike the daily, was impeccable from the start.

The Three Accords show, full of hooded ballerinas and dancing trees, was fun and lively, despite the screaming noise, say. It’s great to see Patrice Michad again in his natural element: music. A good overview of his most beautiful songs.

In her first experience in animation, Patrice Michad was no bad guy. Steer an ocean liner such as Star AC, It was a huge command, and he did not scrap it. However, you may experience her inexperience when things are out of hand or when they are emotional. Hats off to Patrice Michad for showing great ridicule during the well-cooked Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmaris. Gregory Charles is also a very good player (help, number of special requests, Lord).