December 1, 2022

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Are unapproved stadiums and qualifiers postponed?

Are unapproved stadiums and qualifiers postponed?

The CAF has officially announced the list of stadiums approved to qualify for the 2022 World Cup. Not all countries have approved stadiums, which should be forced to postpone for days.

The African Football Confederation has not brought their stadiums up to standard, threatening for a long time that various African countries would grant them.

Yesterday, the ax officially dropped. There is no stadium allowed for important countries in the African football scene like Mali. Worse: If Greens’ first opponent Djibouti had a Gold Stadium, Niger or Burkina Faso would have none. Worse: A huge country like Senegal, which could be used to return to Burkina Faso, does not have a federally approved stadium.

For Algeria, the new stadium is pending arrival at Oran and other stadiums under construction (especially Baraki, TG Ozou, Bouira), both Stade du5 Julet and Stade Mustafa Tucker have been approved.

The unbelievable situation has prompted countries aiming to postpone the start of qualifiers to next June. The request was accepted by the CAF, although various national federations were threatened in advance.

The new snob comes a bit to tarnish the reputation of African football, which has already been severely damaged by the beliefs on Ahmed Ahmed. For the Greens, the next international break could empty its matches.

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