May 28, 2022

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Governor General Literary Awards | 2020 finalists unveiled

Governor General Literary Awards |  2020 finalists unveiled

Big year for Governor-General Literary Awards: There will be two awards this year for delaying last year due to the epidemic. By publishing the list of finalists for the year 2020, Concile des Arts will announce the winners on the 1stIs June, the “normal course” will be filled with finalists and a series of 2021 winners in the fall.

Alexander VigneltAlexander Vignelt

Sprint began Tuesday with the publication of a long list of 70 finalist works for each of the 7 prizes awarded in each of the official languages ​​and their authors. In French, the “Novels and Short Stories” category is entirely feminine with Naomi Fontaine (That’s all), Mary-Pierre Lafontaine (Female dog), Jennifer Belanger (Menthol), Sophie Letornia (Manhunt) And Mary-Ov Lacasse (Autobiography of a Stranger).

Oliver Choinire (Joe) And Suzie Bastin (Sweet sixteen years old [Huit filles]) Were among the finalists in the theater. In poetry, long-professional writers such as Hughes Corrieve, Paul Belanger and Martin Audette are in conflict with young poets such as Louis-Carl Picard-Seoi and Simon Henry.

Photo by Franకోois Roy, Press Archives

Stanley Pan

Nominated in the article section for author and host Stanley Pan Overnight, Who are interested in lecturing about jazz. In the youth sections, let’s highlight the options Mimos & Sam: Mission Hibernation Kathan, Fart and repetition: The real story Katia Kansiani and Guillaume Perrault, Rap for solo cello Marys Page, Spots Camille Bouchard and Girlfriend and girlfriend By Kim Nunes, Mary-Chantal Peron, Tommy Edge and Amelie Dubois.

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English-speaking novels by Michelle Good (Five minor Indians), Thomas King (Indians on vacation) And Lyon Betasamosek Simpson (Nooping: The Cure for White Ladies) Are in the finalist works.

Translations into English by Matthew Simard (Here, elsewhere By Pablo Strauss), Pascal Brullemans (Viperine And Little witch By Alexis Diamond), Bertrand Laverdour (Neptune’s room Ona Avasilichioyi) and Andre A. Michad (Secondary roads By Jesse Sutcliffe) are also among the selected works.

Winners for the 2020 episode will be announced on the 1stIs June. The Governor-General’s Literary Awards, organized by the Council of the Arts of Canada, award $ 25,000 to the winner in each category.