May 19, 2022

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Immigration: Legalt quits businesses

Immigration: Legalt quits businesses

At the Concile du Patron General Meeting, Franకోois Legalt declared his ultimate goal in terms of manpower: “For me, my obsession is to raise the average salary in Quebec. […] I am an immigrant earning less than 56,000 every time I come home [dollars], I am exacerbating my problem. “

He said he had already run a business, but the Prime Minister said he would listen to him.

Not the average goal

Does an accountant need to be reminded that average is not the best indicator of reality, when it comes to extraordinary ups and downs by some hefty executive salaries?

According to Revenue Quebec, in 2017, almost 70% of people had an annual income of less than $ 50,000. This is even more true outside of Montreal and Quebec headquarters.

But where is the acute shortage of labor? In low-income jobs, especially in areas where fewer people want to settle down and stay young.

Talking about jobs in new technologies and aeronautics is very good and good, but the engine of regional development is small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Continuing the myth of 000 56,000 jobs per year puts severe pressure on significant small businesses and factories that do not close during the epidemic.

When the Prime Minister confirmed that he was leaning towards immigration to replace high-paying positions, he reinforced the view that the solution to SMEs was simply a wage offer.

But companies like the states do not have the infinite capacity to pay. Every dollar salary has a direct impact on competitiveness.

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The worst of all is that again this year, many SMEs will have to close their doors … for lack of manpower.