May 22, 2022

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In the right place at the right time

In the right place at the right time

(Montreal) Well, who can we write about?

Simon-Oliver LorenzSimon-Oliver Lorenz

Any hints, anyone? No one, really?

[Lourd silence, rires polis dans les premiers rangs, un bonbon est déballé à l’arrière…]

Seriously in the world, this time: How could this coal freeze before the coffeefield goal, his second in two games – sorry, his second in overtime in two games? Just like the day before the pass from Jeff Petrie, who didn’t take a breather to see that young man fully take up position?

Photo by Franకోois Roy, Press

Jeff Petrie (26), Joel Armia (40) after Cole Cofield goal in overtime

Apart from his goal against the Ottawa Senators, Cofield had plenty of time to shoot the laser that defeated Jack Campbell of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The result was the same: a 3 to 2 win for the Canadians. The third win in a row, was achieved once again after the comeback.

“He may be small, but he loves big moments!” », Philip Donald moments of surprise after the match. Kubecker assured with a smile that his idea was abrupt and not ready for television. “But it’s well kept, I think!”

Photo by Franకోois Roy, Press

Coal Coffeefield

Absolutely. It is not possible to emphasize at what point this goal came at the right time.

Usually, in the absence of his captain, three would attack from him Top 6 And its No. 1 goalkeeper, the team has won four of its last five games. The smiles came back and with them, confidence. This latest victory is all the more significant as it has been signed against the best team in the division, confirming that the other three, two are against logging clubs and the other is in trouble, which is only due to circumstances.


During a few days trip to Ontario, the Canadian is now tied with the Winnipeg Jets in the standings, although they are third in their division because of their greater success.

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But of course, position does not matter. Because the first round in the playoffs, for the Hobbs, will be played against the Leafs or against the Edmonton Oilers, which means they need to have Aston Mathews or Connor McDavid. Although the walk has become the official activity of the pandemic, no walk will take place in a park for CH.

The Canadian, however, finds himself in the right place at the right time, like Cofield in overtime and like Donald’s comment on his teammate.

Of course, the last five games of the season do not turn out to be very successful – why not? Although participation in the series seemed to have earned some time, throughout the month of April, Hobbs could not find a real way to go. Accessing the series is good, but there is a way. As they say in Oshawa – the band is taking pieces to reach their peak – for the proverbial “real season”.

Photo by Franకోois Roy, Press

Aston Matthews and Philip Donald, during the interview

Donald, again, lists the things that separate Canadians in the last days from those who die in the last days.

“We did a solid job on the downside and in the power play, we got some big goals, it got us moment, and even if we didn’t score, we would pass the puck well,” the center said. There is still work to be done, but we are moving in the right direction. ”

Nick Suzuki talks about a “resilient” team that has been stuck in three games in a row. “This is not a situation we are looking for, but it shows our character,” he said. It’s fun at the end of the calendar. ”

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On a mission

This comment is even more important because it comes from Suzuki. Because it seems to be fun between Tyler Toffoli and Joel Armia. And even before Jeff Petrie.

Photo by Franకోois Roy, Press

Nick Suzuki

Suzuki (3-6-9), Tofoli (4-2-6) and Petrie (1-7-8) scored a total of 23 points in CH’s last 14 goals. Look no further for Hubs Locomotive.

Suzuki said he was fully aware of how hard he had worked in the middle of this season. However, he recalled that “the coaching staff continued to trust me and entrusted me with important missions.” Today he is reaping the benefits.

“He boosted his game,” head coach Dominic Ducharm confirmed, adding that he would not hesitate to send him against John Tavares’ trio – to take charge of Donald Aston Mathews.

Ducharm added that it was “enormous” for two center players to take full control of their routes: “That’s what we want” in the playoffs.

In other situations, there may be reason to worry that risky cooperation is too low variability. When the Donald’s trio face off against the best rival unit later in the night and the “Coffeld effect” is in full swing, the second and third seasons on Monday evening are far from being torn apart, but there is no need to complain. Compilation.

“It wasn’t perfect, but we hung up,” Ducharm admitted. Especially in a second, I found that we had no energy. In third place, we had some chances, but in the end we saw big games to equalize the score and go for a big win. ”

Confidence comes with character. And we can also say consistently, like Godot for weeks, if not months.

None of this would have happened if not for this little “Shot Christie” man’s arrival.

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Sorry for the abuse in the family magazine. These words are actually from Philip Donald.

But we can not say otherwise.


Coal Coffeefield

Who else? Not for his goal in overtime, but for his general commitment. His persistent forward failure caused some concern for Leafs defense at the back of the field.


Alexander Romanov

One of his worst games of the season, he was reduced to a third duet with Joan Merrill. Less than 14 minutes after two games over 20.

Match number


This is the number of points Nick Suzuki has scored in his last 6 games

They said

We were all fine, we planned to create congestion around the net. So this is my turn. It was truly a beautiful moment, a big goal and a big success.

Philip Donald

He had [saisi sa chance] At all levels. It was a big moment, especially against the leaves. I don’t have an overtime goal yet, he has two. He was already there!

Nick Suzuki, at Cole Coffeefield

Especially with three against three, with space on the ice, we saw this: when he had time to release his shot, he was very dangerous. And in the first period, he got a great opportunity in the power play. This is his great strength, the speed at which he fires, the combined strength and accuracy. These are the two big goals he got.

About Dominic Ducharm, Cole Coffeld

We played as well as we won, but they had a lucky goal to go into overtime రావడం It would have been great to get out of there with the win, I think we won. I heard about him on the Cole Coffeefield, American hockey show, he was a good player and he even had a good shot.

Jack Campbell

We missed a lot of opportunities, especially in the first period when they had a puck on our stick as they withdrew their goal. Such little things explain this result.

Sheldon Keefe