July 5, 2022

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Asus TUF gaming PC screen drops below € 200 mark

Asus TUF gaming PC screen drops below € 200 mark

We are at Sidescount to find this good deal valid for a limited time. As always, Bordeaux e-dealer delivers at home delivery or pick-up point. Additionally, you can pay the order amount in four installments, 48.64 at the time of purchase and € 48.63 by payment date. Also, the CDCount benefits you can eat are topical in this article. So activate your free trial (then 29 per year). Finally, the warranty is still valid for two full years.

The signed screen has a diagonal of 23.8 inches (60.45 cm) for full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) definition. It has a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a very short response time of just 1 ms. Therefore, thanks to these capabilities, all your content will be displayed with great fluidity and delay will not spoil your games. To top it all off, different technologies can enhance your experience in the long run.

For example, Motion Blur in Xtreme removes traces of motion blur and brings maximum sharpness to the image. For its part, the adaptive-sink avoids the effects of tearing and the Shadow Boost can lighten shady areas of the play-weather environment.

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