July 7, 2022

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British justice fully agrees with Meghan Markle against the tabloid

British justice fully agrees with Meghan Markle against the tabloid

British justice on Wednesday ruled that Meghan Markle had all copyrights to a letter she wrote to her father, Thomas, proving that this was entirely correct in her lawsuit published by Missive on Sunday’s tabloid mail.

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The 39-year-old former American actress has already won the first part of the lawsuit for her February 11 attack on a newspaper privacy. She blamed him for publishing a letter she wrote in 2018, where she stopped lying and lying to her father Thomas Markle in the media about their broken relationship.

At the time London High Court Judge Mark Warby said the publication of the letter infringed copyright, but that the Associated Press had argued that an inquiry was needed to confirm the owner, and that his communication team had helped the Duchess of Sussex write.


On Wednesday, the magistrate finally ruled out Meghan Markle that the copyright in the Missive was not British Crown.

He thus wins his case completely over the tabloid, which was already responsible in March for reporting on its front page about its first legal defeat against Prince Harry’s wife.

According to Ian Mill, a lawyer for Meghan Markle, Queens Services “has denied the copyright claims on behalf of the Crown”. Jason Knopf, the former royal couple’s communications secretary, also said the letter was not drafted or participated in by his lawyers.

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A lawyer for the Associated Press, the publisher of the Sunday tabloid Mail, said it was “unfortunate” that Mr Nauf had not previously clarified the matter.

Prince Harry, 36, who is ranked sixth after the British crown, has repeatedly denied media pressure on his couple and said this was the main reason for his departure from the royal family, which came into force in April 2020.