May 17, 2022

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Disappointment among those over 45 who chose Astrogenica

Disappointment among those over 45 who chose Astrogenica

People aged 45 and over who choose the estrogen vaccine are frustrated by the change in the rhetoric of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NICI). Instead of encouraging more people to get vaccinated as soon as possible, the focus is now on messenger RNA vaccines (those from Pfizer and Moderna).

Emily BilodoEmily Bilodo

Gilber Packwett, 57, who received his first dose of the estrogen vaccine on April 12, sighed, “I’m depressed and shocked.” “At the time, the discussion was about risk assessment, the chances of catching COVID-19 and those with thrombosis. ”

“This speech seems to have taken the edge!” Mr., said Mr. Pockett.

At a press conference on Monday, NACI recommended that Canadians opt for messenger RNA vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna. The statement, which first appeared on a notice on April 23, surprised many, including Mr. Pacquete. At CTV, Committee Chair, dBack Carolyn Kwach suggested that she not prescribe the estrogen vaccine to her sister.

“The risk of thrombosis has not changed between [lundi] And three weeks ago, “said Frederick G., a 54 – year – old woman who received the estrogen vaccine.” It’s changed public speech and it makes me angry. ”

What message does it send? The subtitle behind it is that a certain portion of the population received the vaccine at a discount.

Frederick G.

Quebec announced on Tuesday that of the 500,000 people received in the province, only 30,000 doses of the estrogen vaccine remain. “If people do not want to take it, we will not put it against them,” said Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubey, calling it a “personal choice”.

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The dBack Theresa Tom, chief administrator of Canada’s public health agency, said she understood the concerns of those who received the first dose of the estrogenaca vaccine on Tuesday. “I can understand why some people are worried or frustrated,” she reiterated, adding that all vaccines approved in Canada are “safe” and “effective”.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recalled receiving a dose of the estrogen vaccine himself. “I am just happy to be free. Protecting my loved ones and making sure we take care of them is very important to me [la pandémie] The sooner the better. ”

What about the second dose?

By early July, Canada plans to receive two million doses of the Pfizer vaccine each week. But no vaccine deliveries are expected from AstraZeneca in the coming weeks or months. Brigitte Lamar, who received an estrogenica dose, commented, “I don’t know which vaccine she will get during her second appointment in late July.”

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that the appointments of those who have been vaccinated with the estrogen gene will not be postponed. The time between the first and second dose is 16 weeks.

Studies are underway on the possibility of giving a different vaccine in the second dose. “When there are no data on interactions with other COVID-19 vaccines, the same product should be used for the vaccine series,” said ministry spokesman Robert Maranda.

“However, vaccination cannot be postponed if an already used product is not available. In such a situation, vaccines can be completed with the same type of vaccine, for example with two messenger RNA vaccines. [Pfizer ou Moderna] Or two viral vector vaccines [AstraZeneca, Covishield] If it is possible, ”he added.

The dBack Theresa Tom said Canada is waiting for the results of clinical trials in the UK on vaccine transparency. “I want to reassure everyone. Notification comes before people need their second dose. ”

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