May 25, 2022

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Kovid 19 enters the space …

Kovid 19 enters the space ...

This year The Vaccination Schedule 2021 Published in a specific case on the website of the Ministry of Health. The Kovid19 Becomes the eighteenth vaccine-preventable disease in the immunization calendar. Covid 19 highlights the value of the pandemic vaccine, but it should not overshadow the vaccine against other diseases.

Consequently, health officials are inviting health professionals to systematically check the vaccine status of all their patients, and if necessary catch-up vaccines for non-receiving vaccines, respectively, are administered during detention. . This catch-up is mainly for infants and vulnerable people for whom specific recommendations appear in the vaccination schedule (chronic diseases, immunocompromised, elderly, pregnant women).

The Digital vaccine record from MesVaccins Reveals the flaws of vaccine protection: It includes a tool for decision-making support and personalization of preventive messages, which usually helps citizens and health professionals identify these flaws and takes into account the type of vaccine used and the intervals between doses. , Each dose indicates age, health profile and context (from stock, infection), good vaccination practices to be implemented for better protection, without error or overdose.

The Vaccination week, Which will take place in France from May 17 to 22 this year, will be a reminder that there is a risk of a re-emergence of other vaccine-preventable diseases. Measles Where Meningococcal infection, True.

Other new features in the 2021 vaccination calendar include:

  • Extension of Vaccination against papillomavirus infections Catch-up vaccination for boys aged 11 to 14 years and for those aged 15 to 19 years. This recommendation has been in effect since January 1, 2021 and has been considered by vaccine decision support tool Mesvaxins.
  • The Flu vaccine recommendations From now on, the most severe form of influenza will be among emergency and fire service personnel (SDIS), home support service personnel (SAAD) and professionals who have a regular and long-term relationship with the home. Assist the elderly or those at risk through CESU (individual employers).
  • The 2021 Vaccine Calendar also provides a one-year review on vaccine liability reform.
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From a regulatory point of view, vaccines on the vaccination schedule, administered at yellow fever vaccination centers, are now covered by health insurance from June 1, 2020, at the time of the Travelers vaccination.

Kovid with 19 vaccines (Kamirnati, COVID-19 Vaccine Modern, Waxzevria And Jansen Kovid-19 vaccine), Two other vaccines can help prevent seasonal influenza:

  • The Vaccine Eflulda Should be available for seasonal influenza 2021-2022 vaccine campaign (beginning October 2021) or for meningococcal infections;
  • Vaccine Menquadfi, Serogroups A, C, W and Y have not yet been marketed against meningococcus.

The Ministry of Health has announced the publication of a complementary calendar Vaccine recommendations against Covid 19, The High Authority for Health, the general body of the pandemic vaccine campaign, is the preferred strategy for vaccinating people as defined by the vaccination schedule and specific recommendations for available vaccines. It will be updated regularly to take into account the latest recommendations from Hot Autorite de Sante.

Vaccination information against Covid 19 is also available Website of the Ministry of Health in Section Vaccine Covid 19, AndAllocated space for health care professionals on the Vaccine Information Service website.

Prior to May 8, 2021, Messawins will update its Knowledge Base and Vaccine Decision Support System with this new information and publish a more detailed news item showing the exact changes made to the vaccine each year. Vaccination Schedule 2021 Related Vaccination Schedule 2020 By highlighting the relevant parts in yellow (Here is an example in the 2020 version compared to 2019).

Source: Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

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