May 17, 2022

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Mont-Saint-Anne: Illegal meetings and vandalism at the top

Mont-Saint-Anne: Illegal meetings and vandalism at the top

Closed for many years, one of the chalets at the top of Mont-St-Anne has been vandalized in recent weeks following illegal gatherings.

Without fear of fines from the police and the epidemic, individuals have recently started gathering at the site.

For a long time, athletes and civilians said the risk of fire was caused by deteriorating construction. The windows were smashed and many witnesses, mostly hikers, talked about meetings of a few dozen people with music and alcohol, especially last week. Access is prohibited, but the sign does not scare anyone.

The windows were cracked by vandals.

Photo from Facebook

The windows were cracked by vandals.

The ski resort confirmed the problem. “In fact, the Chalet de la Crete was vandalized after illegal meetings there recently,” said Lisa-Marie Lacasse, head of communications.

Mont-St-Anne said his security service had contacted police on several occasions over the matter.

The ownership filed an official complaint earlier this week. However, at Certe du Quebec, duty patrols said it would be very surprising to take the time to climb the mountain.

For the station, the spokesman explained that it would be difficult to monitor such vast territory. Sky season ends in April and mountain bike trials are not yet available.

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“Our security service and our teams on site are doubling their alertness at the entrances to the site, in addition to the controversial posters indicating that the station is closed in many places,” Mr.To me Lacasse.

Despite the most beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River and the Ol de Orleans, the Chalet de la Crete, which is in the field of expertise, has been abandoned for almost ten years.

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At the time, terraces were very popular with skiers. However, in 2012 the management decided to close the chalet. Since then, the condition of the building has deteriorated dangerously.

Recently, the Quebec government announced its legal intent to reclaim part of the mountain. “If RCR does not want to invest, we will offer them a dignified outing,” said Yvonne Charest, president of Friends of Mont-Saint-Anne.