July 5, 2022

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In Canada, there are more than 40 cases of a mysterious neurological disease

In Canada, there are more than 40 cases of a mysterious neurological disease

This unknown disease has symptoms similar to those of Kriezfeldt-Jacob disease. So far six patients have died.

Health officials have turned a blind eye to a mysterious neurological disease. In New Brunswick Province, doctors have identified the presence of this new pathology in over forty people. As reported Radio Canada, The first case was registered in 2015. In 2019, 11 new patients were identified, followed by 24 cases last year. Since the beginning of 2021, six new individuals have reported the same symptoms.

Several media outlets reported that the disease had symptoms similar to those of Kriezfeldt-Jacob disease. Expressions reported by Radio Canada International include: Behavioral changes, sleep disturbance, unexplained pain, visual hallucinations, coordination problems and severe muscle and brain degeneration. In all, at least six people have died from the disease.

At this point we have more questions than answers“Dr Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer, quoted by Quebec Media, lamented that victims in New Brunswick have the clinical symptoms of prion disease, one of which is Cretzfeldt-Jacob’s disease, but these victims do not show any other form of Cretzfeldt-Jacob disease or pretzel disease.

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New disease?

“I can understand that the government should not give too much information not to be intimidated, but at the same time, it is not intimidating either,” said Steve Ellis, a 63-year-old father suffering with June 2019. The next are “hallucinations, delusions, aggressive behavior, weight loss and almost childish behavior”. The son has since started a support group on Facebook.

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This non-genetic disease can be transmitted through water, food or air. Scientists say it could be a new variant of prion disease – or a completely new disease.

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