March 28, 2023

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Kovid-19: They say they are feeling the effects a few months later

Kovid-19: They say they are feeling the effects a few months later

Three months ago a nurse in the heart rehabilitation department contracted the virus while going to give a hand during the outbreak at Manoir Belle-View in Edmundston.

“I can not get out of it with everything I have tried; we do not know where it came from, how I got the deal in that house,” Annie Dionne said.

She has 17 days of symptoms. Although she did not need to be hospitalized, she still has a sequel to the virus and recently returned to work full time.

“It’s like a roller coaster. Today is going well one day and another day oh, no more breathing, no more fatigue, ”he added.

Annie Dionne was infected with the virus while performing her duties in the health sector. She said staff are constantly looking for protective measures.

“Everywhere in the hospital, it requires hyper-vigilance; by being hyper-vigilant, it dries up and it also gets tired,” continued a man who has worked at Edmundston Regional Hospital since 1999.

Gilles, a resident of Edmundston, was hospitalized Feb. 2-16 due to the Carmier virus. Like the others, he also said he was feeling very tired.

“The main thing is lack of energy. I want to start anything I want to do. It doesn’t have to be big things. I’m going to be done quickly,” he suggested.

It’s hard to understand why people are being caught not getting vaccinated.

“Today, tonight I will receive my second dose of the vaccine. I’m not afraid to accept it, I’m not afraid the first time, ”said Annie Dionne.

“It’s better to be vaccinated than to be infected, it’s less serious than going to the states where you’ve been going, it’s not really fun,” Gilles Carmire declared his part.

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