May 24, 2022

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Kovidats fall from the roof as they flee from the police

Kovidats fall from the roof as they flee from the police

Young Montrealians find themselves in hot water after cracking the roof of a rented chalet in Mont-Tremblant.

Source video montage from Snap Snapchat: Ahmed_Gebel

“I was scared and shocked when I saw the house. I absolutely hated it too. I have over a hundred people who have rented it over the last few years. I have never seen it. It’s horrible,” protested Andreas Bougadis, owner of a chalet stolen in Mont-Tremblantలా.

Her house, rented on Airbnb, was badly damaged last weekend. The huge perforated roof, kitchen in poor condition and even a broken ventilation system are his latest loss, which is almost $ 10,000, according to him.

“We will try to call them, but no one will answer. Airbnb will pay us back and deal with them. For now, we are losing revenue because we can not rent the chalet in its current state,” Mr Bougadis sighed.

Illegal collection

Maxim Doris, director of communications in the city of Mont-Tremblant, confirmed that police had intervened Sunday evening at the home of Andreas Bougadis.

One of the tenants of the house hid from the police in the attic.

Screenshot from Snapchat, AHMED_GEBEL

One of the tenants of the house hid from the police in the attic.

“We got a call at 6:50 pm to intervene on Airbnb. On the spot, seven criminal reports related to the illegal meeting were distributed. There are seven people in the attic, including at least two, ”said Doris.

One of the holes in the chalet roof.

Courtesy Photo

One of the holes in the chalet roof.

“Police heard a noise in the attic. Later, they noticed damage to the roof [défoncé]. It confirmed their presence upstairs, ”he said. Maxim Dorais believes that all the young people in this chalet are between 19 and 24 years old.

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During the outbreak, Mr. Bougadys rented his chalet to less than six families and groups.

“We respect all the sanitation rules. We are very strict. However, the man who rented the house this weekend lied to us. He said she came with her small family. Finally, they were among about 10 people and friends,” he criticized.

Videos published and deleted

Newspaper Several videos and photos of the tenants were found on social media hiding from police. Among them, we see young people laughing at police officers and the damage done to the house.

“It’s not me who made the holes, it’s a friend,” he defended the young man, who portrayed himself as Ahmed Goebel on Snapchat, but declined to reveal his real name in the interview. After being contacted about it, he quickly deleted his posts, where he appeared with friends hiding from police from the police.

Chalet owner Andreas Bougadis said Journal He will either take action against the group of young people who damaged his property or wait for a response from Airbnb.