March 21, 2023

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Ottawa found that the processing of immigration files was deliberately slowed down

After the continuing ping-pong game that has been going on since Coalition Future Quebec came to power, the government of Justin Trudeau has finally voluntarily agreed to slow down, in particular, the processing of qualified workers’ files.

Pause Established in 2019 for the analysis of new cases, the Federal Department of Immigration handed over the office to Radio-Canada. To justify the suspension, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) referred to a large number of applications, while Quebec lowered its entry targets at the same time.

In 2019, for sound management, [le ministère] Prioritize the list of requests before processing new requests.

A quote from:Port words of Alex Cohen, Minister Marco Mendicino

This date is equivalent to a sharp increase in processing times. According to an agreement with Ottawa, after already waiting several months to be selected by Quebec, skilled workers will have to wait 27 months (more than two years) to obtain their permanent residence, compared to 19 months in early 2019.

In the rest of Canada, this phase can take up to 6 months.

In the process, the whole process takes almost three years or more, according to dozens and dozens of testimonials sent to Radio-Canada by people who are already employed, who, sometimes, Desperate deficit for this expectation, Planning to depart from the province.

According to Minister Mendicino, the break introduced by Ottawa was the result of a reduction in Quebec entry restrictions.

Photo: Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick

There is no temporary ban, but a break

In response to a request for information from the government in late January and by New Democratic Party (NDP) MP Jenny Quan, Minister Mendicino was also present. Temporary ban On this subject and a Pace Treatment Gave credit, Imposed Limitations Of Quebec government. Radio-Canada recently had access to this document, which was introduced in the Library of Parliament.

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Regarding this statement, the then Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett’s cabinet denied that it had agreed with Ottawa on such a decision.

Minister Jolin-Barrett has never asked the federal government to suspend or suspend the processing of files by skilled workers.

A quote from:Mark-Andre Gosselin, Simon Jolyn-Barrett Deputy Chief of Staff

When questioned by Radio-Canada, the Marco Mendicino team finally acknowledged the translation error in the document submitted in French. A temporary ban was not requested, We found.

Regardless, we continue to accept requests and there is no temporary ban. In 2019, the first review of new requests was suspended to focus on processing the list of existing requests to verify that they were completed., Says Alex Cohen.

The NDP called for an apology

It took Ottawa almost a year to reopen these thousands of cases. At this point, Immigrants were kept in the dark, Without knowing whether their request was received.

Since last fall, the IRCC has started sending provisional receipts and now, 51,000 skilled workers Waiting to enter Quebec. This is a record number.

The impact of the epidemic (including the closure of offices due to local public health measures) led to further delays in issuing receipts. IRCC has now digitized requests and issued revised receipts to clients, Adds Alex Cohen via email.

The truth is out. The federal government finally accepted its share of the responsibility, New Democrat Deputy Alexander Bouleris responds. Elected Montrealist Justin Trudeau is accused of being in government Not only being careless, but also contemptuous of those waiting for an answer.

At the very least, Minister Mendico apologizes for keeping all these people in the dark for months.

A quote from:Alexander Bouleris, NDP MP

According to the Quebec Association of Immigration Lawyers (AQAADI), this federal decision has strongly influenced the health and morale of these potential immigrants.

It caused immense anguish and it continued. Leaving people without knowing where their file is is very problematic.

A quote from:Guillaume Clich–Reward, President of AQAADI

Immigration restrictions in Quebec have been set up for thousands of families without asking the question of what impact they will have. There is a lack of sensitivity, Continues Guillaume Clich–Reward.

In view of the fact that Le Quebec is the oldest city to collect evidence of many immigrants, the measures should now be in place.

Now that the facts are known to all, we must ask ourselves the question of what to do with this list., Supports company founder Thibault Camara.

We can accept those 51,000 people, and then we can choose things. This will allow all programs to be restarted and all these people to get out of this dangerous situation., He continues.

They are not new, they are already working in Quebec and living in French. Their integration is already complete.

A quote from:Quebec founder Thibault Camara is with us too

Minister Nadine Giralt has already stated that she has asked Ottawa to give priority to the requests of skilled workers already in Quebec.

It is unacceptable that these delays are so long, She launched on Tuesday, during her ministry’s allocation study. A new immigration plan is also expected to be announced in the coming months Increased limits Mentioned.