May 17, 2022

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Quebec will only communicate in French in the future

Quebec will only communicate in French in the future

. Communications “with legal entities established with Quebec and other governments”.

Hugo Pylon-LarosHugo Pylon-Laros

To do this, Mr. Jolin-Barrett will be required to submit a one-year, May 5, 2022, Article 1 of Act 104, A law to amend the Charter of the French LanguageApproved by the National Assembly in 2002! “This article should be used only in French in its written communication with the government, its ministries, government, municipal and school organizations and the administration of health and social services -” he recalled. .

The Minister in charge of the French language confirmed that such actions would enhance the “ideal nature of the State of Quebec in the use of the French language”.

“The unique use of French in state communications allows us to reaffirm the official status of the French language in Quebec,” the minister said in a press release.

However, “conditions or [des] Conditions ”may allow Quebec to communicate in a language other than French. The government states “Act 104 gives […] In the relevant communications, in addition to French, the power to regulate cases, conditions or circumstances in which another language can be used “, which is” why the enactment of Article 1 of Law 104 is scheduled for next year so the process of drafting this enforcement rule will be completed “.

The news came as Minister Jolin-Barrett answered questions from the opposition on Thursday as part of a study assigned by his department to the French language section.

Last week, Franకోois Legalt He gave evidence of an important reform that his government wanted to put on the table by the end of the parliamentary session to modernize the French language charter. The Prime Minister confirmed that he could enforce the humiliating provision in the Parliamentary Committee, especially in the case of posting.

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