February 23, 2024

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Do you feel younger than your age? This is good for your health!

Do you feel younger than your age?  This is good for your health!


  • Stress levels and its effects on health are linked to how we look at our age
  • Researchers suggest taking action against age template practices

Age seems to be a fixed benchmark, though it is subjective. For example, you are 40 years old, but you experience the spirit of 20 years more. This is not a mental disorder, it may be good news above all else. According to a studyAmerican Psychological Association, Those younger than their actual age are healthier. The authors of this research say they generally feel better, have better cognitive abilities, have lower inflammation and a lower risk of hospitalization. It also increases longevity. All of these benefits are linked to one factor: stress.

Less significant effects of stress

The authors of this study analyzed medical data from over 5,000 people aged 40 and over, as well as analyzed their responses to a survey. The latter focused on their stress level, their health, their daily activities and the age at which they perceived it. “We have found that health status generally deteriorates with age, but we also know that these age-related health trajectories vary widely.“Marcus Wetstein, one of the co-authors of the research, says that the analysis of the data shows that people who are under a lot of stress, especially those who are older, have a weaker relationship, and the relationship between stress and health is weaker.”

Fight against age-related clichs

According to researchers, this mental rejuvenation reduces the negative effects of stress and thereby improves health. They ume “Campaign to deal with age and age templates“Stress reduces the impact on the population. Stress control measures can also be seen as an effective solution to improve the health of the elderly. It is sometimes referred to as.”The evil of the century“, Stress has a significant impact not only on quality of life but also on the body and health.

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