May 21, 2022

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Immunization coverage is increasing in Quebec

Immunization coverage is increasing in Quebec

The response to the onset of 35-39 year olds in Quebec has been rapid, but within 24 hours of their entry into the time slots, CIUSSS confirms that 60% of the targeted people have been vaccinated or given an appointment.

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CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale on Friday afternoon published an update on the progress of its vaccine campaign and the news is good.

Of those of all ages over the age of 40, at least 70% were vaccinated or their appointments were made in this area. These figures are very useful for achieving mass immunity at 75% of the target set by Quebec.

For 35-39 year olds who can be hired from 4pm on Thursdays, the statistics are also encouraging. In fact, 22.2% of the required workforce groups or groups of people who are immunocompromised or suffering from chronic diseases have already been vaccinated. Among others, 41.2% of the population already has a date in their pocket.

The next age to qualify for an appointment is 30 to 34 years, their entry to open on Monday. Of these, 16.6% have already been vaccinated, and 8.4% have an appointment. It remains to be seen whether the response will be as good as in other areas of the population.

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