December 3, 2022

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Nurses frustrated for immigration delays are planning to leave Quebec

Nurses frustrated for immigration delays are planning to leave Quebec

A nurse at CHUM since 2018, this French woman recruitment seduced by the claims submitted by Santa Quebec (RSQ), the responsibility of attracting foreign workers to the other side of the Atlantic was done by this organization.

The long administrative policies and attractions promised by other provinces will further motivate foreign nurses like her to leave Quebec.

Like many others who have expressed their frustration with Radio-Canada, Virginie Verov did not hide her frustration when she was now struggling to finalize her immigration application.

I was told there were huge requirements. Now I understand why colleagues are leaving and stepping into other provinces.

A quote from:Virginie Verov, nurse at CHUM

Everything is done to make it easier to get here, but it can be complicated if you want to be, Adds Anas Megard, another French nurse who has been working for the Montreal Heart Institute since 2019.

To immigrate to Quebec, every skilled worker must first obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). Then, the file is sent to the federal government, which grants permanent residency according to the entry limits set by the Quebec government.

In total, the policy currently takes about three years, with only 27 months to the federal stage.

Immigration: Before waiting, nurses want to leave Quebec

The federal government is speeding up the process, but not Quebec

But this timeline is very different in other provinces, where there is a six-month wait. Outside of Quebec, the immigration process is handled only by the federal government.

The nurses are thinking about leaving, Julie Maurel.

Arrived in 2018, this French nurse told herself Opposite a wall. Especially after the recent announcement of a federal government offer Fast track to permanent residence For nearly 90,000 workers in need. One of the conditions? Should not live in Quebec, because the Legalt government refused to take part in the event.

As immigrants, we are well aware that we should not be on the red carpet. But there is a way to do things that are uncomfortable, we feel nothing less.

A quote from:Julie Maurel, nurse at CHUM

It’s so hard to be there, we ask ourselves questions, She adds, pointing out the problems of waiting for this permanent residence. Without this valuable document, it is difficult to renew work permits, obtain free health insurance or bank loans.

Laudia Ghars did not postpone. Last summer, she left Gatino for Ottawa. A few kilometers that would completely change the situation. Delay [d’immigration] Are very different, Commented a young woman who attended the College of Nursing in Ontario.

In a few weeks, she will have to get her permanent residence and leave her job at the Hospital de Gatino to be hired by the Ontario Foundation.

It was a tough decision, Legalt assures her by explaining the various immigration reforms of the government.

I at least liked defying all of these decisions. Look at the rest of Canada making plans to make things easier, but in Quebec, we are told it will be longer, harder, more complicated.

A quote from:Laudia Ghars, nurse at Gatino Hospital

Partnership responsibility?

To a question posed during a press scrum on Wednesday, Prime Minister Legalt pointed to the federal government. “It takes 27 months to get all federal approvals, compared to 6 months in other provinces […] There is one Backlog Coming soon Nearly 50,000 files in Ottawa. »

In Ottawa, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino defended himself. We supply the skilled workers required for Quebec […] We are on track to reach Quebec’s immigration level, He said in response to a question from the official opposition leader Erin O’Toole.

Guillaume Clichy-Reward, president of the Quebec Association of Lawyers in Immigration Law (AQAADI), believes both governments are responsible for the situation. For the year 2019, Quebec will be responsible, as it has lowered entry targets. By 2020, the federal government has failed to meet Quebec targets. The latter it adds Quebec is not preferred.

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Ontario seeks to deport foreign nurses in Quebec

Currently, there are no waves of foreign nurses leaving Quebec for other provinces.

According to the Order of Nurses of Ontario, 174 registered nurses in Quebec applied for the authority to practice in Ontario between March and December 2020, compared to 172 the year before.

My colleagues have not yet fallen, but I know many now want to leave Quebec, wanting to simplify the process with the latest federal announcement. The Quebec government’s refusal to participate in the event is a trigger for many. It is a very small drop of water, Loudia Ghars argues.

The Ontario government is pulling out its wallet to persuade foreign nurses in Quebec.

Incentive $ 10,000 is now available for nurses arriving at the Ontario facility by the end of the year Instead of a 12 month commitment, Can we read by the standards of this program.

Alexandra Bridge and in the distance, the Canadian Museum of History.

More and more foreign nurses based in Quebec are planning to work and live in Ottawa across the Alexandra Bridge.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Christian Patry

OIIQ calls for speeding up deadlines

When asked by Radio-Canada, the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ) does not hide its concern. It is in the public interest to expedite administrative procedures around the professional integration of French nurses and, consequently, to grant permanent residences., Spokeswoman Kareena Sears suggests.

In recent years, the retention rate of French graduates after five years has been up to 60%, a lower rate than graduates from other countries and graduates from Quebec, which is 90%.

Difficult working conditions may cause, Kareena Sears continues. Hence the importance of acting now to establish incentives to retain and promote careers in the health network, which is already well known, but [qu’]We were slow to keep up.

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For their part, the health care providers said they would work accordingly. Montreal Heart Institute a Adequate training and integration planning for our foreign workers. CHUM, for its part, dictates that it exists Dedicated employees To help these immigrants. If the immigration process turns out to be lengthy, CHUM will usually extend the work permit until the employee obtains permanent residency to guarantee working status in Quebec., Adds installation.

Hundreds of nurses were recruited from abroad

In Ontario, as in Quebec, there is a significant staff shortage in the health network. Hence the need to resort to appointments abroad.

Currently, however, Quebec employs fewer foreign nurses than any other province. According to 2019 data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the proportion of internationally educated nurses in Quebec is 5.9% and in Ontario 11.4%. The Canadian average is 9.4%.

To reduce labor shortages in health care organizations, government-affiliated recruitment Santa Quebec is accelerating its seduction campaigns. Over the past two years, nearly 350 nurses have been recruited abroad, including Quebec Want appointment 1,700 record by the end of this year.

Number of nurses employed abroad:

  • 2020-2021: 348
  • 2019-2020: 366
  • 2018-2019: 208

However these missions come at a cost. For the year 2019-2020, Quebec spent approximately $ 8,000,228,000, particularly for administrative policies, excluding costs paid by employers, estimated at approximately $ 2,000 per person.

Other missions are already planned for the coming months. Quebec plans to hire nurses in Brazil, France and Belgium. Quebec currently has more than 1,500 registered nurses in France.