May 28, 2022

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Rangers | Reconstruction is over in New York

Rangers |  Reconstruction is over in New York

Languages ​​began to unfold in New York.

Matthias BrunettMatthias Brunett

And the “Tom Wilson affair” should no longer be seen in the heart of the dismissal of President John Davidson and General Manager Jeff Gorton, but one of the factors that exacerbated … for reasons that were not initially suspected.

When former celebrity Mark Messier lamented the absence of the Alley Brawlers this week, he echoed boss James Dolan.

Not only did the owner want to shut down the rebuilding process in New York City, but the Rangers ’rudeness made him sweat. The attack by two dangerous stars, Artemis Panarin and Pavel Buchnevich, probably blew it up.

« I saw a weakness in the team that could not be corrected, ”the Rangers owner told the Eternal Columnist. New York Post, Larry Brooks.

“We do not have an important factor to compete for the Stanley Cup. Other owners and general managers have been telling me how many talented players we have had over the past year, but talent alone is not enough. We have no parts. Someone who can do it. ”

James Dolan said he had fired Davidson and Gorton before the end of the season, allowing his new general manager Chris Drew to address the players at season-end meetings. “These meetings are crucial for the future. The Wilson incident is just an unfortunate coincidence.”

Nolan, 65, who led not only the Rangers but also the Madison Square Garden and New York Knicks in the NBA, was not the most patient of managers.

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Our man, whose wealth is estimated at 2.5 billion, usually has to take shortcuts to his general managers. The Rangers have long been known as the company that wants to “buy” championships. Wade Redden, Scott Gomez, Bobby Holick, Chris Drury, Darius Casparitis and many others inherited terrible deals that could not keep the Rangers up the table.

The Rangers also spent four years between 2013 and 2016, without taking advantage of the first round pick. We can easily imagine how much the renovation process started by Jeff Gorton in 2018 hurt the owner …

Expect some big changes in the coming weeks and months in New York City. Young talented players fall victim to gaining stronger players. This type of transaction can turn into a disaster.

1995-1996 Canadians wanted to do that at the time. We traded Pierre Tarzan for Shane Corson and Murray Barron. Recently, Mark Bergwin dropped two second-round picks to earn Andrew Shaw.

Quebec Nordics got a lot of young talented players before moving to Colorado. Although the company once won the Stanley Cup in Colorado, the trading mats sundin was deadly for the tough Wendell Clark.

Chris Drew must be very careful. Other clubs already know the Rangers’ intentions. Drew must carefully assess the talents of his youth, in which case the progress of the hopes will be very variable. He can expose himself to big mistakes. Eliminating bargaining is up to the opposing teams.

Head coach David Quinn, who lost 4-0 to the Boston Bruins on Thursday night, is probably spending his final hours with the Rangers despite his relationship with Drew. At least that’s the New York media opinion.

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Mark Messier has already rendered his services Through journalists and said that his inexperience in this field was not an obstacle.

“Certainly not, 1000%. Hockey is what I have been doing all my life. Are you a hockey guy or not. No one is perfect, but you need to surround yourself with people to fill in your weaknesses. ”

The former Rangers and Oilers captain said he was approached by Glenn Sother in 2013 for a job. Sather finally chose Alain Vignelt.

Young Alexis Lafrenier is amazed at the galley where he found himself today …