May 19, 2022

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CH: Wrong in “KK”

CH: Wrong in "KK"

This has been the subject of much criticism, but, for me, it should have been part of the Jesperi Kotkinimi solution long before Eric Stall.

I understand that fans expect more from the top draft pick who is currently completing his third professional season. Against the Ottawa senators last week, he faced all sorts of trouble. Keke never played well against Ottawa, as comparisons with Brady Takachuk‌ hurt him. In addition, Takachuk still has good excursions against the Hobbs.

This is wrong for Kotkanemi at the moment: it thinks too much. He’s stuffed in his head, he’s all mixed up. We wanted him to gain weight and then play with more enthusiasm and aggression. All in all, we forgot to tell him that he had to play hockey and let his unpleasant instincts speak.

Young Finn is physically involved, but, in danger of surprising you, I don’t like it. Too often, he gets out of the game. That’s not his identity.

The portrait becomes clear

The two losses the Canadians made last week to Ottawa senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs have at least one positive thing: they allow for more exposure for players struggling for the playoffs, to begin with Eric Stall and Jon Merrill.

Decisions to make Dominic Ducharm are less and less difficult. Mark Bergwin has taken the gamble of gaining veterans over the past few months, but unfortunately not with experience, the Canadian hopes to beat Leafs in the first round, if portrait as well.

No, hubs with enthusiasm and youth will have a chance to beat their powerful rivals.

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It comes with speed and hard work. Not with veterans at the end of their career.

Right now, it is clear that Ducharm is weighing all of his options. Question Every Coach Asks: Who Is My Best?

I’m sorry, but Eric Stall should not be in this quandary. The same goes for Joan Merrill, who has frustrated me to the highest position ever since I came to Montreal. I’m still trying to find some quality in it. In my opinion, Brett Kulak deserves his place among the six regular defenders rather than Merrill.

I said earlier that Canadians can beat Maple Leafs with enthusiasm, hard work and speed.

All the features of Brendan Gallagher.

His return will undoubtedly be beneficial to the Canadians, especially in the playoffs.

Cofield and Donald

The Cole Coffeefield case is unique. Clearly, this is the taste of the month in Montreal and it gives a refreshing vibe.

However, it should be noted that this is five less effective against five and not three against three in overtime, overtime. One thing is for sure, he throws everywhere. I think it helps to be a little more creative in his decisions.

However, I like that he is with Philip Danault‌. However, this is a somewhat ungrateful role that we entrusted to him. He asks the young man to be a stabilizer as well. So it’s not just about watching the young feel of Donald Hobbs but also about facing the best rival lines.

But, let’s face it, he does this job wonderfully. Almost like all those entrusted to him.

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Thank you Mr. LaBeoum

Quebec Mayor Regis LaBeoum announced his retirement from politics this week. I would like to use this forum for Quebec City, especially to say thank you for everything he has done in the sport. He believed until his dream of bringing the NHL team back to Old Capital. He left an invaluable legacy to the people of Quebec. On a personal level, I will remember for the rest of my life the time when he personally called me to ask if I wanted any remnants of the old Colosseum. I asked him if I could have two benches that I had occupied at the time, and it was his responsibility to send them to my house. I will never forget it. Mr. Lobim, thank you for everything, and best wishes for moving forward.

The NHL’s fault

No one can blame the National Hockey League for what happened between the New York Rangers and the Washington capitals. All of this can be avoided in the simplest way by suspending Tom Wilson for 15 or 20 games. What drove me out of all of this was that it was such a logical and clear decision. Unfortunately, we did not and we saw what it was. On top of all this I was well aware of President John Davidson along with Team General Manager Jeff Gorton when I was in New York. His dream is to become president of the Blue Shirts. It is very unfortunate that it ends this way.

Bravo Fleury

Mark-Andre Fleury continued to write his excellent story on Wednesday, edging Roberto Lungo to the third highest-scoring goaltender in NHL history. In addition to being an outstanding athlete, Fleury proves once again that a gentleman has the potential to be a “good person.” Without admiration, he is making his mark among the greats in his office. What I like is that the four most successful goalkeepers are the French-speaking Cubakers, apparently Martin Brodyur and Patrick Roy, who occupied the top two ranks.

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