May 19, 2022

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Educational experts on “Mystery Strike” on May 19

Educational experts on "Mystery Strike" on May 19

Members of the Federation of Quebec Education Professionals (FPPE-CSQ) and 10,000 academic professionals will take part in the “Mystery Strike” on May 19.

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FPPE-CSQ announced on Friday that schools in Quebec would be closed by picket lines on May 19. However, the federation did not specify the exact locations and intends to keep it secret until D-Day.

The “Mystery Strike” takes place in the morning and lasts for half a day. This second order mobilization is part of a five-day strike order voted by FPPE-CSQ members.

Keep in mind that academics are calling for better salary recognition for all players in the school network.

“By targeting only a group of teachers and choosing to make salary adjustments, the government is weakening the entire educational network and creating tensions in the work teams. Deep injustice is spreading and a wind of huge dissatisfaction is blowing through the ranks of professional staff. By doing so to address the shortage problem, the government is creating another among professionals and This has equally devastating consequences for students: let’s be clear: teachers deserve a pay rise.

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