May 24, 2022

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MLS: CF lost 2-0 to Montreal Whitecaps and suffered their first setback of the season

MLS: CF lost 2-0 to Montreal Whitecaps and suffered their first setback of the season


CF Montreal is enjoying the first disturbing moments of the young MLS season. Or at least worrying, Wilfried said Nancy would also feel the effects of the drought that continued Saturday.

The Montreal team lost for the first time in the 2021 season, losing 2-0 at the hands of the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday afternoon at the Rio Tinto Stadium in Utah.

Christian Dajom scored two goals for the Whitecaps, both in the second half against Clement Diop. Dajom’s first goal came from a penalty, the second being given to the Montreal team under similar circumstances this season.

CF Montreal (1-1-2) are hoping to play their fourth game in a row without defeat, a feat the Montreal team has not achieved since 2018.

After the first half they dominated in terms of possession and shots, Wilfried Nancy’s men faced a shutout for the second time in a row and are now closed in their last 228 minutes of play.

After their first 132 minutes of play, the Montreal Color-Bearers scored six goals. They still have six goals.

Also, in its last two outings, CF has directed 36 shots against Montreal goaltenders, but only seven on target.

Finnish Lassi Lapplainen, who entered the game in the 58th minute, believed the scoreless streak was over in the 89th minute, before the referee’s video assist gave the ball to Eric Hurtado’s penalty area before he lost his first goal of the season.

Nancy admitted that she was concerned about the lack of finishing around the opposing net.

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“I still have to be fair, we create opportunities. Now you have to make them happen, especially if the opportunities are really clear and clear. Today, if we realize one of the opportunities we have in the first half, it’s not the same game. (…) Guys know this stuff .We will work before the goal, now, to make the right gesture at the right time. “

As was the case last week, while midfielder Samuel Piet was away from the start of the game, forward Jorn Johnson was selected as the starter for the first time this season.

In a videoconference in the middle of the week, Pete admitted that his right foot injury sustained in the opening match against Toronto FC had not fully healed. The injury comes from a duel with Columbus last Saturday. Piet, however, made it clear that he was training with his teammates and was available to deal with the Whitecaps.

Meanwhile, Zachary Bralt-Gillard, who is an uncertain case after a leg injury against Columbus, is not in uniform. Clement Baiha, who replaced him last Saturday in the 55th minute, started the game in the right lane before being replaced by Matthew Choinier in the 58th minute.

It was the first in a three-game series in eight days for Wilfried Nancy. The Montreal team will return to their temporary home in Fort Lauderdale, but in the role of visiting the club against Inter Miami CF on Wednesday night.

Slow start to the match

The duel between CF Montreal and the Whitecap took place at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level, and we cannot say that the height would raise the level of the game in the first half.

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Especially in the first 20 minutes of the game.

In the 23rd minute Rommel got the first offensive action worthy of the name from Quito, the most angry player in both camps in the first half of the match.

Honduran, who has been prudent so far this season, has tried shots from all angles, however, it remains unclear. He also had the best chance to score in the first half in the 29th minute, splitting with Johnson in a two-on-one.

After accepting Kyoto’s good pass, Johnson was completely alone in the penalty area, but Crepe made excellent saves by diving to his left.

From this section of the duel, we were able to see CF Montreal take more control over the ball and the game to the point of hitting eight shots towards Crepe during the first 45 minutes of play, but only on goal.

Meanwhile, Clement Diop had another quiet afternoon, not blocking a single ball until the third half in a row.

The series came to an abrupt end in the 57th minute when Djomo converted a penalty when defender Kamal Miller unnecessarily threw him in the penalty area.

This is the first time CF Montreal have had a deficit this season and have not been able to close the gap, rising after Dajom’s second goal, in the 71st minute, after a kick and a corner foot.

“I was not very happy in the first half because we did not get used to the ball in terms of movement and speed. We started doing it in the 30th minute,” Nancy analyzed.

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“We had good discussions with the players and they started the second half well and we were able to control the game. Then that goal came. I knew we still had a lot of time, but the second goal came very quickly. Again, I think there were chances to score and come back, but We did not do that today. “