March 25, 2023

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What is the role of microbiota?

What is the role of microbiota?

Our gut health can have a significant impact on our general physical condition. Research from Hasetep University in Turkey proves once again: According to its results, the Verneules disease May be the result of an imbalance of Gut microbiota. The conclusions of this study were revealed at this time Symposium 2021 From the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

What is Vernail Disease?

This pathology is also known Hydrosodanite, Are characterized by lumps and / or nodules inside the armpits, anus or thighs that appear during inflammatory attacks. These can be very painful, which can have a significant impact Quality of life. Today, treatments work on tumors and nodules, but long-term medications to prevent inflammation are not effective in all patients. About 600,000 people are said to be affected in France.

Adequate bacteria

The exact causes of vertebral disease have not yet been determined. In this new study, Turkish researchers conducted analyzes on the samples In which In healthy and unhealthy patients. They found some Bacteria Sick people are less likely to have the disease compared with infected people: Clostridium, Fermicutus and Fusicatenibacter. “We know that reduced amounts of these bacteria can upset the balance in the gut and trigger an inflammatory response.“, Say researchers.


More research is needed to learn more about the disease and the relationship between it Bacteria Is present in the intestines, but for researchers, these first results are an important step. “Our study suggests that diet modification and administration of personalized foods may be beneficial for patients with hydrodenitis, especially if they have fewer treatment options.Dr. Neslihan Demirel Ogut, co-author of this research, is pleased.

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