December 1, 2022

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Bees are trained to detect Kovid-19 using their odor

Bees are trained to detect Kovid-19 using their odor

Dutch researchers train bees to spot Kovid-19 in seconds, thanks to their sense of smell Huffington Post.

The virus triggers a metabolic change in the body, where Smell It releases a specific odor that bees can detect.

Pavlov’s method

Used by researchers Pavlov’s method: When the bees became infected with the virus, they were rewarded with sugar water.

Insects attach sugar water to the virus odor, so that eventually, the bees stick out their tongue as soon as they notice a positive pattern.

According to Professor Wim von Poyle, “Bees at risk of virus transmission” Bees are not sensitive to it.

The Dutch start-up InsectScience and research firm Wageningen Bioveterinary Research are behind the project.

This diagnostic system, nickname సె Business, The Huffington Post explains that less developed countries can be allowed a better screen for Kovid-19.

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