July 7, 2022

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Cupid in Lachut is expensive

Cupid in Lachut is expensive

Love rhymes with distribution at Lachut City Hall: A love story between the general manager and the municipal treasurer, appointed by their ancestors who removed themselves after falling in love, costing the small town, learned Tap.

Philip Tissira-LessardPhilip Tissira-Lessard

This Cupid prank municipality – one of the poorest in the country – had to pay a divorce and start a new hiring process to separate the new couple, just like signing a check to settle a first case.

The local city council last Monday evening approved a payment of more than $ 2 million to settle the case of his former general manager Pierre Gionette and his former treasurer Nathalie Pirate, who were fired in 2015 after having an affair. Para-municipal companies will also have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars under a similar agreement.

These sums are a small fortune for the municipality of Laurentian, whose annual budget is 26 million.

The investigation that led to the dismissal of the employees was qualified by the Administrative Labor Tribunal (TAT) as “political revenge” and Mayor Carl Pelokwin’s “personal sale” against them. Justice ordered their restoration, but both parties were willing to cut the bridges.

Their prosecutor declined to comment further on the case.

Serious payment

According to our information, the Lachut Municipal Council recently, behind closed doors, confirmed that Mr. Gionette and Mr. are heirs.To me Pirate, General Manager Benoit Gravel and Treasurer Genevieve Lachens are now a couple.

The latter quit his job and took the disbursement package of “approximately 000 100,000”, confirmed in an interview with Mayor Pelokwin Tap. Her position is open and the search for a new treasurer continues.

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“They revealed it in the right way, in writing. It was done according to the rules of art [au dossier Gionet-Piret] As a result, the board decided not to tolerate conflicts of interest: a CEO and a treasurer [en couple] In a town the size of a lachut, we had views that it turned out to be impossible. We have to hire a third party to check everything. ”

“Let’s just say we weren’t lucky. We can go and buy a Loto 6/49 ticket, ”Mayor Peloquin said of his municipality’s love issues.

Genevieve Lachans did not go too far and did not change the owner: it hired her to take on the financial responsibilities of the area’s parastatal waste management company, Tricentris. The company, headquartered in Lachut, is run by Mr. Peloquin. That isTo me Lachens did not receive priority treatment.

Benoit Gravel and Genevieve Lachens were reluctant to comment on the situation.