May 27, 2022

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Why give them soil?

Why give them soil?

The reality is very different, but this perception dies seriously and this tension is what our teams sometimes target on the field. It was clearly disturbing and disturbing.

While bathing in this demanding environment, we are constantly looking to report on it, without becoming actors in the news, while maintaining the necessary distance to our press freedom. How to cover the appearance of anti-masks? How to give voice to those we call Conspirators? Above all, how can we testify to this movement (in the medium, we cannot hide this reality), especially if its claims are based on unscientific reasons that our coverage does not provide an unequal, unnecessary visibility to a minority. ?

We are committed to showcasing all aspects of this versatile medal, but with your interest as a citizen, we also have a duty to adhere to the journalistic standards and practices (including the principle of accuracy) that guide us on a daily basis.

Today, Radio-Canada is launching on OHdio Series ballad Beliefs It is part of our desire to be enlightened by entering into the heart called the movement Conspiracy. In this first series, journalist Simon Kautu goes to meet the leaders and activists responsible for opposing health measures and mobilizes the masses to condemn the decisions taken by governments since the beginning of the epidemic. Without restraint, but respectfully, he asked them questions, sometimes loudly, and tried to figure out the tipping point, to understand the reasons for their action.

Why this topic? Why give a voice to the people who fought against the organizations that founded the epidemic?

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It’s clearly not about promoting anyone or anything. We do not promote government decisions or health measures. Decision of Do this item Not taken lightly. It was well thought out and carefully planned.

Radio-Canada is also using extraordinary power to provide comprehensive coverage of the epidemic. From the time the first cases appeared, until the end of 2019, our journalists have shown interest in this coronavirus, describing it through all our platforms, whether in the form of reports, articles, interactive tables or ‘special programs. From the outset, we strive to dig, verify, and report facts with balance and objectivity. This is our commitment more than ever.

Despite unprecedented setbacks, our TV and radio bulletins, our website or info app, as evidenced day by day, we continue this coverage with care and professionalism in the field. Add to it Discovery And Investigate Presented over 80 reports and programs dedicated to the epidemic in all its aspects.

Beliefs It will not leave you indifferent, I know about it. But the intention is not to shock or blame anyone or anything. It is a question of letting you know, letting you know, so you have in your hand everything you need to understand the phenomenon and form an enlightened impression.

Good listening.

Director General of French Services at Loos Julian Radio-Canada