May 21, 2022

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Gala Artis: The Killing Question

Gala Artis: The Killing Question

Sarah-Jean Labros is very happy to have won her Artis Trophy in the Best Female Role / Seasonal Drama Series category. She is a wonderful Donald Countries above.

But I will always be left with one question: was Maripier Morin’s name on this envelope and was it removed when the actress’ host asked to withdraw her nomination?

Only the gala organizers and Leger’s Polsters know who is the winner before Mr.To me Morin.

But you and I never really know who someone is … the choice of the audience.

Short reminder

When Maripier announced on May 2 that Morin was stepping down from the nominations, it should be understood that the public vote had already taken place.

So already, in one envelope, there is the name of the actress who got the highest percentage of votes according to the 14,000 Leger poll.

The name Morpheus Morin has been removed from either cover. Either she did not win and the withdrawal of the nomination did not change anything.

Admit it you also want to know if Maripier Morin won the highest percentage!

It seems to me that there is a big difference between the Mariper Morin nomination in 2020 and 2021.

When the gala organizers withdrew the MPM nominations last year, people voted for her before the allegations against her were known.

But this year, it’s a completely different story! Artis 2021 Gala was voted on by people who cannot ignore the accusations made by Safia Nolin (and others) against Morpheus Morin.

When it comes to the Nolin-Morin affair, nothing is out of the ordinary. Everything takes on unequal proportions.

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For example, I had a hard time understanding why the invitation was sent to Safia Nolin Everyone talks about it Makes a lot of discussion. They invited her. She refused. The end of the story.

I have always said that an invitation to television is not a summons to appear. An X program invites Y to participate. If y refuses, it will stop there, good evening thank you.

Safia Nolin wrote on Facebook (but not later than 1Is May, she says in an article Destiny She finds it unacceptable that Guy A. LePage gave such a big stage to Morpheus Morin.

Sorry, but when someone is subjected to serious allegations in a journalistic investigation (something like that Tap), She still has the right to reply, right?

It is still strong. If Morpheus Morin is working, she throws away the tomatoes. If she speaks to testify to alcoholism, her tomatoes will be thrown away. What is he left with as an option? Disappearing?

Guy A. LePage replied to Safia Nolin: “Accepting MPM does not mean accepting it. Away from there “.

With all due respect, Madame Nolin, as the alleged victim, is not deciding which forums are acceptable for Madame Morin.