May 28, 2023

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Indian variant: “He is our worst enemy”

Indian variant: "He is our worst enemy"

The World Health Organization (WHO) is increasingly concerned about the possibility that one variant may be resistant to vaccines. The Indian variant that is most likely to cause disaster conditions in this country is under investigation.

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“It infects more people and has the potential to create new viruses,” retired virologist Jacques Lapierre said in an interview with LCN on Sunday.

With a very dense population, India represents the conditions conducive to the development of very strong diversity.

“Currently there is a variant called the Indian variant because it was found in India. It is a variant that has two mutations and is easy to transmit, but it is much more resistant to the current vaccines,” the specialist recalled.

The ineffectiveness of vaccines against this variant has not yet been proven, but the retired virologist clarified that this represents a very great risk.

“From now on, even when he is classified in the investigation, I recommend that he be considered our worst enemy, even if he is not worse than the rest in the limit,” Jacques Lapierre agreed.

“Currently, it is isolated in 21 countries. It is isolated in Canada. There have been cases in Marisi near Trois-Rivieres. I have been looking at Marisi for two weeks and I say” What’s going on? ” In the end, it’s very stable, “said Mr. Lapierre.

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He reminded that despite vaccinations to limit the spread of the virus, safety measures such as washing hands, wearing masks and avoiding them should be continued.

“We don’t want this variant to spread, action has been taken, but I believe it would be a disaster if this variant ends up somewhere else,” the virologist said.