May 23, 2022

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Pimpolois running for the European Inventor Award

Pimpolois running for the European Inventor Award

Fifty pictures per second. It is the speed at which the eye sees the world. So what is trying to create a machine that can read data more quickly? Yet this is what the French achieved Michael Tanter and Matthias Fink. The first Pimpol, In Quotes-de Armor.

“The disappearance of ultra-fast is bound to give something”

All of this goes back twenty years. The two men meet in the late 1990s and start a thesis together at school. ESPCI – PSL Absolutely “The concept of a mirror with time reversal, for waves”, Traces Mickel Tanter, remained in Pimpol until finishing college before entering Navy High School Breast And start a preparation for it Rennes To go to the Supalik in Paris.

These complex words obscure the innovative research project: “Non-invasive surgery using ultrasound. “ Images already exist, but slowly, “So Ultra-Fast had to give something invisible.”

Michael Tanter, originally from Pinepole (Coates-d’Armore), was one of only two French people to be nominated for the 2021 edition of the European Inventor Prize. © DR / HEINZ TROLL

“We wanted to see the vibration inside the body. It turns out that the speed of the shear wave is related to the hardness, Michael Tanter continues. And rigidity is an important parameter in the medical field. “ Palpation of the body is actually used to observe pathologies.

Ten years for concept and prototype

The sent waves make it possible to know the internal shape of the body. If the returned data is not complied with, its color warns the professional.

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The incision waves are a small blow given in the abdomen and it causes the skin to vibrate. These waves are used to indicate the rigidity of the body. If the fabric is tight the image will appear red on the screen and blue if soft.

Their first publication on the subject came in 1998. It took them ten years to create a concept and a prototype ultrasound machine that could read body tissue.

“In the first experiments in 2002, the film lasted 0.5 seconds. It took an hour to analyze this. In 2006, we needed 5.6 seconds. This is a 0.2 second count in 2009. Today, not this time, Observes the person who is the Director of Research atInsert.

Their tool now allows you to avoid using unnecessary biopsies, for example for breast cancer. Their CNRS-ESPCI patent is licensed to Supersonic Imagine, a self-created company. Manufacturers have since purchased a portion of their patent.

Two inventors competing for the European Inventor Prize 2021 in the research category are now working on cardiology or brain imaging. Award given by the European Patent Office. Votes are already open. Ceremony It will take place on June 17, Via videoconference.