May 28, 2022

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The vaccine is suitable for everyone

The vaccine is suitable for everyone

The vaccination center at Place Sports Experts in Laval welcomed nearly 300 people with special features on Sunday. The founding of Laval’s Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) established a course tailored to adults with intellectual or physical disabilities or autism spectrum disorder.

Coralie Laplante

People like former Special Olympics swimming athlete Mary-Josie Kodiux, 49, with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Upon entering the building, Mr.To me Greet Kodiux, a specialist educator who assesses the needs of each patient. Then, she was taken straight to the registration desk, where her information was found. She was also given an appointment for a second dose.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Law Press

Mary-Josie Kodiux (right), when she received the COVID-19 vaccine

Mary-Josie Kodiux went to the second table with a CISSS employee to assess her medical condition. The woman spoke, and chatted happily with an employee in a white lab coat answering her questions. “It’s very good! She was shocked when asked to describe the organization of this place.


Carolyn Soumour, coordinator at the Rehabilitation Center for Intellectual Disability and Extensive Developmental Disorders at CISSS, explains, “Today needs to change to suit the needs of clients. “No two people have the same restrictions,” she insists.

Therefore, an autistic person who is afraid of large areas such as the entrance to the vaccination center can be immediately taken to a cubicle where all the recording steps have taken place.

Hypersensitivity is a common symptom in people with autism. Hence these small components make it possible to reduce stimuli. The stages of registration and assessment can also be combined for a person who has trouble turning around.

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After the administrative stages, mTo me Kodiux walked into a cubicle where the vaccine injector was injected. “I didn’t feel anything! 2, started the departing woman.

Mary-Josie Kodiux submitted herself to the vaccination center alone. However, most people with special needs come with support.

In the cubicle facing OmTo me After receiving his COVID-19 vaccine, Kodiux, Vasily Macri embraced his son George Stathopoulos. Throughout the process she was able to get vaccinated along with her son who had a specific syndrome.

As he left the small room, the young man smiled under his mask and raised his thumbs in the direction of the photographer. Tap. “I’m a strong man,” George replied when asked if there was any pain from his vaccine.

Photo by Robert Skinner, Law Press

George Statopoulos (right) received his vaccine along with his mother Vassily Macri.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” M.To me Macri to qualify for the vaccination process. She said she was happy to get the vaccine to end the epidemic.

Coordinator Carolyn Soumure explained that all of the staff at the vaccination center have been trained to respond appropriately to people with special needs.

A series of images showing how the vaccine works were presented to them as “social scenes”. Pictograms are also available to communicate with people in need.

The entire site is also accessible to those with physical limitations. The vaccination process is also meant to be “simple and short” for people with intellectual disabilities.To me Salt water.

Caroline Soumure said she is ready to open more vaccination sites like Sunday if demand comes.

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Restore well-being and vaccine

Ghisline Goulet, coordinator of the Regional Committee for the Disabled (Intellectual Disability), said the group of 33 community organizations “really cares about the well-being of the people” while developing the vaccine campaign. Consultations were also held at an organization of organizations that help people with physical limitations.

CRADI has made technical data sheets available to its member organizations, on which you can see the specific services provided at each vaccination site. The document is updated every Monday.

Although not all locations provide all services, “each CIUSSS has particularly pursued an environment for hypersensitive individuals to the existence of sound, light and other people”, Mr.To me Goulette.

The CRADI coordinator indicates that car vaccines have already been provided to people who are reluctant to get out of their vehicle, but want to receive the vaccine.