May 23, 2022

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Kovid-19: Young Italians do not get 4 and 6 doses of Pfizer

Kovid-19: Young Italians do not get 4 and 6 doses of Pfizer

The 23-year-old Italian, who mistakenly administered several doses of Pfizer-Bioentech’s COVID vaccine, received not six, but four as initially announced, local health officials said Tuesday.

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“This is actually 0.30 ml, corresponding to the amount used for the four doses of the Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine,” the health agency in Tuscany (center) explained in a statement “The dose injected internally into a young man on Sunday, May 9 is internally clinical psychology” .

“The fact that the injected dose is slightly more than four doses is significant because Pfizer’s experiment stopped at four doses of the active formula vaccinated simultaneously to confirm the consequences of overdose, without specific consequences for patients,” the health agency said.

The nurse who vaccinated the young woman forgot to dilute the bottle of active formula with body serum, which was “stressful due to normal activities over high volumes and the need to strictly respect deadlines”.

The statement concluded that the young woman was in custody when she returned to her home on Monday after 24 hours in hospital under observation.

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