May 23, 2022

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Canada expects 655,000 doses of estrogen next week

Canada expects 655,000 doses of estrogen next week

The Office of Supply Minister Anita Anand has confirmed that Canada will receive about 655,000 doses of the estrogen vaccine next week.

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Dosages should be distributed to states within a single week. However, the administration of the estrogen vaccine has been discontinued in Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia.

The three provinces have decided to keep the use of this vaccine on ice because of the serious side effects, mainly the exceptional risk of thrombosis.

In Quebec, dosage reserves of estrogenaca were practically dry on Wednesday, but Legalt did not expect the government to ban its use.

Because of these decisions, it is still unclear how the dose will be distributed nationwide.

Because another problem is looming on the horizon: the supply of doses of estrogen in the next few months will not be as clear as the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

Faced with uncertainties over the unwanted vaccine, the Federal Conservatives have called on public health to issue clear guidelines on its health and to give the government clear doses over the next four months.

To date, nearly two million Canadians have received the estrogen vaccine.

Scientific evaluations are underway to determine if it is safe for the public to receive a second dose from another manufacturer.

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