May 19, 2022

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Cloud Gaming: Blackout Lance Sun Service Sur iOS

Cloud Gaming: Blackout Lance Sun Service Sur iOS

Cloud gaming offers are installed on Apple devices. After Shadow, Stadia, Xbox Game Pass and GameStream, BlackNut launched its services on iOS.

It’s Breton start-upAs a Renaissance hub, it allows its web app to play a list of over 500 games on a platform that can stream not only the iPhone but also the iPad. The service allows up to 5 customers to subscribe at a subscription rate of 14.99 euros per month.

If the virtual controller option allows you to configure buttons on screens, pairing an external controller, especially the Xbox One and PS4, with your mobile or tablet’s Bluetooth is a perfect experience. Blacknut claims to have in its catalog recent titles published on consoles and PCs in recent years, but there are also some welcoming “oldies”.

Diverse list

These include family games such as Asterix and Obelix XXL Romasterd, Epic Mickey 2 or Lego Star Wars, while Old Lords of the Fallen, Ride 4, Sherlock Holmes the Devil’s Daughter, Styx or WRC9.

While exploring a diverse black nut catalog, we also discovered some nuggets that awakened the nostalgia of players from 1980-1990, such as PC like Monkey Island 2, Arcade with the Hunt and Neo Geo like Metal Slug (1, 2 and 3) and King of Fighters 98. Are neat and can be accurately emulated on this platform. The Balknot describes its partnerships with various publishers, such as Square Enix, Deep Silver, or Gameloft.

On the experience side, it has a clean interface like its direct competitors and you have to pick the game to start it. However, you should have a good WiFi network in your home to expect games to run smoothly. Cloud gaming technology is a special need, still very greedy in terms of the data that goes through it. If the BlackNut service can be used with compatible mobiles on 4G or 5G, it is still recommended to play with a stable WiFi network. Our tests on Stadia, Xbox Game Pass and Pleo require the same level of network.

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