May 22, 2022

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Ellen DeGeneres stops her show and loses momentum after the controversy

Ellen DeGeneres stops her show and loses momentum after the controversy

Host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres said in an interview with a Hollywood reporter on Wednesday that she will end her TV talk show in 2022. The weight of a dispute, The number of its audience dropped.

“The show is so strong and entertaining, it’s not challenging anymore,” the 63-year-old, currently performing on the 17th season of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, assured that she already wants to meet in 2019. “I need something new to challenge me.”

After entering as a comedian in the 1980s, Ellen DeGeneres rose to fame with the series “Ellen” (1994-1998), during which time she became the first lead character in the series, in 1997. Television revealed his homosexuality.

The host, who is married to lesbian and actress Portia de Rossi, assures us that his decision to end his talk show has been unrelated to the antenna since 2003, following controversy surrounding the show last year.

In July, program alumni questioned oversight in an article on the BuzzFeed site and reported a “toxic” work environment.

Ellen DeGeneres did not make the allegations directly, but criticized that the atmosphere allowed her to settle into her team.

A few days later, actor Brad Garrett, who was a guest on the show, was engrossed in a tweet: “I know she behaved more than one horribly. Everyone knows this.”

As Ellen DeGeneres built her talk show on the values ​​of kindness and humanity, the controversy became even more devastating, with the slogan “Be Kind”.

After several weeks of silence and rumors of cancellation, the host apologized for the behavior of some of her collaborators, but refused to deviate any on a personal level.

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“If I left the show for that reason, I wouldn’t be back this season,” she said in an interview published Wednesday. “That’s why I’m leaving.”

Since September, the audience for the show, which aired in mid-afternoon, has dropped significantly and it has only doubled to 1.2 million viewers last season.

Financial bonus to talk show co-producer Ellen DeGeneres.

Last year, the 60-year-old short-haired girl earned $ 84 million in the Eternal Pantsuit, largely thanks to her TV show, becoming the twelfth highest-earning celebrity in the world. Forbes magazine said.

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