May 28, 2022

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Quebec has launched a new platform for employment

Quebec has launched a new platform for employment

(Montreal) Quebec officially launched the Quebec Employment Platform on Wednesday, which aims to better match the positions available to job seekers.

Leah Levsky
The Canadian Press

Labor and Employment Minister Jean Boulette made the announcement at a press conference, citing the platform’s use of artificial intelligence. In particular, it allows the geographical location of job seekers and employers.

This platform is already online at and we guarantee it is free and “safe”.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Quebec is experiencing labor shortages in some sectors, but it is very relevant to have thousands of unemployed or job seekers. Quebec wants to try to connect the two better.

Minister Boulette invited employers looking for workers, whose positions, required profiles and required criteria, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises, have fewer resources than the largest. He issued the same invitation to job seekers.

“Thanks to this matching function, he (the employer) can benefit from all the people who have the desired profile and by going through the resumes, by doing the first interviews, he really has the applications from the people to meet their needs. It saves considerable time,” the labor minister said.

In the case of job seekers, “You can register, your interests, your curriculum vitae, and through this site, you can send your application to the employer in your area, to the employer in the field in which you are interested in working. Allows for a relationship between employer, ”the minister concluded.

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Quebec employee replaces old placement en ligne system and “J Travel! », A temporary platform intended for employers with urgent manpower needs in the wake of a health crisis.