May 23, 2022

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Reform of Bill 101 awaited the company base

Reform of Bill 101 awaited the company base

The law is expected to be introduced by 10 a.m. There will be a press conference at 11am.

Although the bill was in the air for more than two years before the COVID-19 epidemic, some details about it have been leaked so far.

Yet it offers to create a French language ministry and commissioner post; Application of Bill 101 to businesses with 25 or more employees; Better offer of franchise courses for newcomers; And a review of the bilingual status of some municipalities.

A form of quota It can also be imposed on English-speaking CEGEPs, without restricting access to students based on the mother tongue, as is already the case in primary and secondary networks.

Extraordinary consensus in Quebec

Minister Jolyn-Barrett has spoken out in recent months ’actions Costads To deal with the French decline in Quebec, especially in the Montreal area.

Rarely, all three opposition parties agree with this consideration. However, this does not mean that they agree on ways.

For example, Liberal Party parliamentary leader Andre Fortin warned on Wednesday that articles in the bill should not violate the rights of the English-speaking community in Quebec in terms of government services. , Education, health and municipal services. Liberal leader Dominic Angled submitted the proposals in April Aimed at promoting French usage.

Gabriel Nadeo-Dubois, his genius from Quebec Solidair, said he cares about regulations that affect businesses.

Between the commercialism of Franకోois Legalt and the nationalism of Simon Jolin-Barrett, which is stronger?

A quote from:Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, parliamentary leader of the Quebec Solidarity

His political training, Who published the “Orange Book” on the French language on Tuesday, I would like to see the new version of the Charter apply to companies with 25 to 49 employees, but its current terms only apply to companies with 50 or more employees.

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In the case of the party Cubacois, MP Sylvain Goudralt recalled on Thursday that his party was defending the full application. Bill 101 for English Speaking CEGEPs. Its leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon is due to present his plan for the future of the French language in Quebec next Monday.

Defensively municipalities

In civil society, opinions are equally divided. Already, however, some groups are strongly opposed to the bill, which will be unveiled on Thursday.

This is the situation of the Association of Suburban Municipalities (AMB), which connects the declining (“connected”) towns on the island of Montreal. Thirteen of them have bilingual status, which they want to keep.

On the ground, we have no problem justifying the withdrawal of this right from the municipalities that hold this status, on the contrary, AMB was requested in a press release on Wednesday. The flexibility they possess enables them to provide better services to citizens.

In C -te d’Ivoire, on the West Island, we recently passed a resolution seeking the status quo.

For us it was clearly a deal forever in 1977, Mayor Michelle Brownstein explains, referring to the first version of Bill 101 introduced by the PQ government of Rene Lowesque. The position of all mayors of the Association of Linked Cities should not be touched [à] This agreement.

Suspicious companies

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) agrees.

Its vice president, Franకోois Vincent, on Wednesday gave an example of this, proposing an absurd argument25-employee garage in Lock-Saint-Jean : Employees can sometimes use similar words Tire, But is the French situation worse?

At Dawson College – including Planned expansion, funded by the Quebec government, Was widely criticized last year – we would not like to comment until the bill is introduced. On the other hand, his student body was not asked on Wednesday to assert his opinion.

Higher education is believed to be an optional education and therefore students should have the right to choose their institution and the language they want to study., Kevin Content-Hollowatiz, its president, argued in an interview with Radio-Canada.

We understand the intent of the government. On the other hand, we believe that Dawson College and the Anglophone CEGEP have greatly contributed to the Anglicization of Quebec.

A quote from:Kevin Content-Hollowatiz, President of Dawson College Student Association

Teachers are also fearful of losing their jobs. This is the case with Bruce Tombs of Champlain College in Saint-Lambert, according to which the French already have a place in the CEGEPs that provide education in English.

Listen to the students in the halls: they don’t have to talk to each other in English! They are there to take and open courses in English [sur] The world, He explains.

Tabling of Simon Jolin-Barrett’s bill Rejected repeatedly For the past two years.

To ensure that its provisions are protected in case the courts can help, Prime Minister Legalt has already said he will Is ready to use the provision in the Canadian Constitution.

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A similar provision has recently been used to defend Law on state secularism, Coalition Future is another milestone in Quebec’s nationalist policy.

With Alex Boissonalt and Catherine Gautier