March 20, 2023

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Republicans fired Liz Cheney as leader

Ms Cheney, however, will continue as Wyoming Republican until the 2022 midterm elections.

It did not provoke any discussion in the voting room.

Following a speech by Liz Cheney, Republican Rip for North Carolina Virginia Fox called on party members to remove Mrs. Cheney from office.

Liz Cheney urged her colleagues to let House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy decide whether or not to vote orally. Mr. McCarthy chose this kind of vote.

To oppose this decision and request a ballot vote, five people would have to stand, which did not happen.

In her pre-vote speech, Liz Cheney again criticized Donald Trump, earning whores from the audience.

We cannot allow the former president to pull us back and co-operate in his efforts to unleash our democracy. In this way there is the possibility of our destruction, and the destruction of our country.

A quote from:Republican elected official Liz Cheney

However, she stands at the end of her speech.

As for Kevin McCarthy, he said he was in favor before the vote Unity and truth.

Cheney said Trump should stay away from the White House

After the vote, Ms. Cheney reiterated that she already knew the outcome and that she was still confident We must move forward based on the truth.

We cannot accept the big lie and at the same time accept the Constitution. And must move forward with the needs of the country [de vérité]. The country needs a strong Republican Party. The country needs a party based on the basic principles of conservatism, She says.

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When asked if Donald Trump could find himself again at the head of the White House, Liz Cheney replied that he would. All [qu’elle] The former president can be sure that he has not contacted the Oval office again.

Liz Cheney voted in January to impeach Donald Trump during his impeachment trial.

For his part, Donald Trump responded by insulting Ms. Cheney in a written statement on the outcome of the vote.

Liz Cheney is a terrible, bitter human being. I saw it yesterday and realized how bad it was for the Republican Party. She has no personality and has nothing to do with politics or our country.

A quote from:Former US President Donald Trump

In place of Ellis Stefanik

On the third night of the Republican National Convention, Wednesday, August 26, 2020, Delegate Ellis Stephanic speaks from Washington.

Photo: Associated Press

Everything suggests that Liz Cheney will replace Ellis Stefanik, an elected official who was once considered a moderate, but now Trump is in favor.

Her nomination was not unanimous, however, and some Republican-elected officials feared that Stephanie would not really support the party’s key positions. The latter voted against Trump’s tax reform in 2017.

Ellis Stefanik has also done a lot of phone lobbying in recent days, trying to persuade his colleagues to support her and assuring them that she does not intend to go it alone.