December 4, 2022

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A former White House lawyer has agreed to testify against Trump

A former White House lawyer has agreed to testify against Trump

(Washington) A former White House lawyer has agreed to testify two years after allegations that he obstructed an investigation into Russia’s influence in the Republican billionaire campaign, U.S. Justice announced Wednesday.

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Dan McGonagall, who has been a White House lawyer between 2017 and 2018, has so far been able to escape from the House Judiciary Committee, which has demanded to hear his testimony after the M ముller trial on the Moscow impact.

“When the former president vowed to target his administration and fight against all summons, he launched an unprecedented, unprecedented and dangerous campaign,” commented Democrat Jerry Nadler, chairman of the commission.

“Today we are beginning to put an end to this barrier era,” said the commission chairman behind the impeachment proceedings launched against Donald Trump. This was met with the denial of key witnesses such as Don McGon.

After nearly two years of extensive investigation, prosecutor Robert Mueller’s report failed to reveal any link between the Trump campaign team and the Russian power.

On the other hand, he pointed out that those close to Donald Trump had many ties with Russian mediators, and that Russia had interfered in the presidential election campaign with the intention of favoring the Republican candidate.

Among other hurdle facts, the Mల్లెller report alleges that Donald Trump asked Don McGonagh to remove Prosecutor Mల్లller from his position as special adviser to the Justice Department in 2017.

The court, which announced Wednesday that Mr McGonagall’s evidence will be kept on camera, according to an agreement with the Bar Commission.

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The vocabulary of the evidence will be revealed.

Although Mr McGonnell confirmed the former president’s attempts to resist, the rest of the case against Donald Trump remains unclear.