March 28, 2023

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Confusion and depression in the public Vaccinated with astrogenica | COVID-19 | News | The sun

Confusion and depression in the public Vaccinated with astrogenica |  COVID-19 |  News |  The sun

“It’s shocking. We’m going to look for this vaccine on our own, because the government says the first vaccine available is the best, but now the discourse is changing, I’m found it a little strange,” said Cyril Roy, a 52-year-old from Hull.

Like most people, he has no major side effects after taking an estrogen dose. “In great shape”, he was happy to have done “civil duty”.

What about the second dose?

A few hours after announcing the change of course, some people are more confused about the administration of the second dose. Some say they are not ready to wait for an estrogen dose or develop complications, although the risk of thrombosis increases to one in 1 million by the second dose. The Ministry of Health said.

“I’m not one of those people who is angry that we can no longer give the first dose, but I still do not know what to do, if I take astrogenica or another for my second dose,” Mr. asks. Roy.

The Hull resident has to think about it until the end of August and hopes to “take the time” to reflect on the fact that “a lot of things are happening” from the government.

At this time, it is also recommended that those 45 years of age and older receive the first dose of estrogen, although it should be taken with a second dose, although it is also possible to switch to Pfizer or Modern if desired.

“Note that people who receive two different vaccines may experience more serious side effects in the days following the second dose, such as fever, headache and fatigue,” the Ministry of Health said.

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Despite these features when the vaccine is convertible, Nicole Laniel of Montreal wants to say yes to the vaccine, now that she knows Quebec expects “industrial size”. “It was clear to me that I would not have a second dose [d’AstraZeneca]. Although the risk of thrombosis is low, I can not get used to the idea that I want to have it, ”she said, considering the scheduled date of her second appointment on July 4.

Josie Desmoules will receive her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on August 12. “I am already considering that my next dose will be something other than estrogen,” she says.

On the other hand, if the fact that she chooses to use estrogen as a second dose allows her to have it more quickly, the 52-year-old woman will accept it “without hesitation”. Others are in the same direction.

But one thing is for sure, everyone agrees that “dreams come true”.

“If I were offered to have estrogen soon, I would quickly consider it an immunosuppressant: fix it all at once and get back to normal,” Cyril Roy concluded.