June 30, 2022

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Montreal Canadians: A loss at the end of the season

Montreal Canadians: A loss at the end of the season

The match does not make sense. For the Oilers guaranteed second place in the Northern Division or Canadian does not sit in fourth place. And it gave what it was given.

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Especially the tasteless match. We’ve already seen worse as a level of intensity, but let’s just say players from both structures didn’t kill themselves at work. Both clubs are playing for form.

In this festival of evil intentions, the Oilers came up. Mike Smith was able to concede less goals than Kaden Primou, who led his team to a 4-3 victory.

Dominic Kahun closed the game in the 27th second of extra time.

So the Canadian ended this crazy campaign with a series of five losses, including two in overtime. Going into the Moment Gaining series is not something we call it.

After a 25-game marathon in 44 days, the Canadian ended the season with a harvest of 59 points. He will rest for a week before crossing the swords with Maple Leafs in raising the curtain of the Canadian division playoffs.

Dominic Ducharm gave many veterans an evening off, which allowed Alex Belgile and Javier O’Leary to return to training, and Jesse Ylannen allowed his first match to be played in a blue, white and red uniform.

The last time a rookie got similar power in the final game of the season was when Ryan Pohling scored a hat-trick, giving the Hobbs victory in the shootout.

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Finnish baptism is very rare. The Canadians ’second round pick in 2018 will definitely have plenty of other opportunities.

However, Cole Cofield and Nick Suzuki had a chance to put the team’s guilt on their shoulders. The two young players, who reunited in the same trio, added two points to their record, scoring the first three goals for the locals.

By moving the ropes twice, Suzuki brought his total to 15. He was the team’s third highest scorer, behind Tyler Tofoli (28) and Josh Anderson (17).

Is worse than last year

With this setback, the Canadian ended the season with a .429 win rate, which is lower than last year’s rate (.436). Like last year, we were talking about a disaster period. And, if it weren’t for the pandemic, Geoff Molson might have had a clean slate on the maintenance level and behind the bench.

Veterans at rest

Of the five regular players who are already absent due to injuries, Dominic Ducharm chose to rest most of them. Jeff Petrie, Joel Edmondson, Jake Allen, Tyler Tofoli, Josh Anderson and Eric Stahl took an evening off. In the case of the last two, it is also a question of minor injury.

Short evening for McDavid

In the morning, Dave Tippett said he was not thinking of leaving Connor McDavid and Leon Droysight for his team’s last two games because they “want to play”. The Oilers head coach made sure to limit his captain’s work night time to 15:12 (less than seven minutes before his 22:24 pre – game average). He added two assists to his record.

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The man’s short

Nick Suzuki’s 1st goal of the season was CH’s ninth score in the shorthand. A top in the NHL, tied to the Bruins. Hobbs’ last target in similar circumstances as of April 1st. He scored his first seven goals in 11 games.