May 27, 2022

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Secret Data Theft at Desjardins | “Trivial” information, a broker sued

Secret Data Theft at Desjardins |  "Trivial" information, a broker sued

Broker Desjardins, who is accused of obtaining confidential data on “150,000 to 200,000”, assures clients that he never suspected that this information would come from the massive data theft experienced by the financial institution.

Hugo JonkasHugo Jonkas

Matthew Joncas testified Thursday before the disciplinary committee of the Organisme d’Atorglementation du Cortage immobilier du Quebec (OACIQ). He had to explain under what circumstances he bought the list from Jean-Loop Lulier-Massey, one of the main culprits in the investigation into the theft of information from millions of Deszardins clients.

The two businessmen worked in the same offices. Since 2016, Jean-Loop has used the Loulier-Massey Desjardins clients’ Matthew Jonkas lists to find heavily indebted borrowers.

This information includes not only the names and contact details of the “opportunities” (potential customers), but also each customer’s mortgage balance, loan interest rate, credit debts and insurance premiums.

On May 11, OACIQ’s disciplinary committee issued provisional non-disclosure orders in the name of Jean-Loop Lulier-Massey. However, he lifted it on Thursday after a lawyer intervened Tap.

OACIQ attorney Matthew Jonkas wanted to prove that the information obtained was not found in legal sources. Its representative, by contrast, suggested that this information could be calculated from the land register.

“Our business model is to provide clients with brokers, for which we already have accurate information,” Matthew Jonkas explained Thursday. Hence the interest in these lists containing ownership information.

He explained that Jean-Loop Lulier-Massey presented him with his first “model” in January 2017. “List, I watched for 30 seconds,” the broker said. To me, this is very mundane. ”

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Then his office neighbor came back and made him a real deal with more than 150,000 names.

Matthew Jonkas “confirmed that the dollar had been paid [pièce] For the first 50,000 names, then 40 cents, or more than $ 90,000.

The broker has been accused of obtaining confidential data without the consent of potential clients and exposing himself to an interesting conflict by acting as a mortgage broker and some of them as a private lender.

Empty computer

The disciplinary committee criticized Matthew Jonkas for not fully cooperating in the syndicate investigation. In June 2020, when the researcher wanted to examine it, he had to explain why there was no information on his computer.

“When I did an update, I started having problems,” he said. I hired someone to do the repairs. According to him, it explains why it was reset.

The broker said he destroyed some erroneous data that the veteran received at the time.

Key witnesses

The committee also heard the first sample of the list from a broker Matthew Joncas handed over to Oliver Jean in January 2017.

An order must state to the media that he has not been charged before the OACIQ and that the fact that he testified or his name appears in the documents does not prove that he committed any crime.

He did not find anything unusual in the list of confidential information given by his employer.

In September 2019, Oliver Jean suspected that something was wrong. Sorrento du Quebec then met “over 100 people” during a search of Dominion access offices, he said. Police are acting as part of Operation Portier on massive data theft at Desjardins.

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The researchers then met with practically everyone, including “telephone operators and assistants,” Oliver Jean said.

Then, in October, reports named several of his colleagues, including Jean-Loop Lulier-Massey and Matthew Jonkas, suppliers of the list he used in 2017.

“I took it and it was near me [apportée] For consultation with my lawyer, ”he said.

Like another broker, Mark-Oliver Tango, who has already been fined $ 5,000 for obtaining a list of confidential data on 5,000 Desjardines clients, Oliver Jean assisted in the trustee’s investigation.

The OACIQ disciplinary committee will rule on the offense committed by Matthew Jonkas this Friday.